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International Marketing, International Business, International Economics, Business Analytics important links

International Marketing, International Business, and International Economics important links:

Global Economy is growing at higher pace, hence, it might be useful to many, including students, traders, business persons, marketeers, learners, teachers, professionals and god knows to them of course, who-so-ever wants to study and enjoy good reading.

Doing Business Guide by World Bank:

World Trade Documentation Guide and doing business in various countries by WB:
Other sample websites for documentation, tutorial on it and use of various forms:
Documentation Basics:
USA Export Documentation sample website:
Documentation Software: Sample. Sample.

Country specific search engines in local languages:
Really a great work: Ex. India:
Ex. Kerala State/ Province of India, Directory: appears by just a click.

Export Tutorial by MSU:

World Cargo alliance:

International Company information:

World Economic Forum;

All the "FORMS” that deals with Import and Export in USA:

Any time Trade Assistance for doing Business internationally with USA:

Europages: The store of over million companies in Europe:

UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database, Website:

Michigan State Universities (MSU), Global Edge on Business Knowledge:

Global Resource Directory of MSU:

Glossary of the Global Business and International Trade Topics(really a classical one):

Export Yellow Pages from USA:

Trade Show Networks, USA and over 100 countries:

Top 250 USA Trade show list:

Top 50 Canadian Trade show list:

List of Foreign Trade Zones-FTZ-USA and Service Providers and their details:
Really a comprehensive website.

Trade Development Websites:

Some useful Wikipedia links:
International Business:
International Marketing:
World Economy:
World Trade Report:
International Economics:
List of Bi-Lateral Free Trade Agreements:
List of Multi-Lateral Free Trade Agreements:
List of Economic Communities:
Single EU:
Trade Blocs Around the world:
List of Economic Unions:
Continental inter-goverment organisations around the world:
United Nation Regional Groups: For 193 UN members as on 01, July, 2012:
Commonwealth of Nations:

Government of India websites:
Managing Business in India:

International Business + Economics + Marketing Lectures on You tube worth watching, with clean motives and only as a research objective and without any bias: (Thanks to all who loaded this on YouTube):

IM Strategies: Dr. James Chan, Export University:

The World is Flat: Dr. Kishore Mahaboobani: NUS:

India the emergent giant: Dr. Panagaria:

China the fragile super power:

Space Race with China:

How to trade in extreme climate?:

High Frequency Trading:

Small video 5 minutes on high frequency trading:

India Never Sleeps in the international marketing:

USA import smart brains from India:

10 Fastest Growing Private Firms in 2012:

The best start up ideas:

Students who skipped the placement interviews on purpose:

China to be the most inventive nation and surpass USA:

What is impact factor of published research paper?
What is impact factor of a journal?
What is impact factor of a publication?

Definitions in Marketing:

Standard Industry Classifications:

Business Analytics Videos on Youtube:

From IBM to MS to McKenzie to Walmart....

Academic Analytics: No details but you've to search and get presentation done.
Text Analytics and Mining and some software used:
ANALYTICS: and difference between Analysis and Analytics.

coming more.

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