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Picture of mine and sister holding real tiger, real panther from Indonesia, 1992

Picture of mine and sister holding real tiger, real panther from Indonesia, 1992.

It's true, that in Taman Safari, Jakarta, Indonesia, they allow visitors to do this, it's worth the experience.

From a humble student, I'm now called a humble Educationist, Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude.
While my elder sister is Dr. Amita Sachin Bhusari, a famous Physician/ Doctor from Mulund, Mumbai.

With Tiger.
With Panther.
Both of us.

Dr. Amita, and Dr. Ashish with Dolphin.

Disney land or Anchol, Roller Coster, Dr. Ashish and Dr. Amita. It's Kodak photo, on digital camera photo, so flash appears.

With panther.
We've touched this Walrus and fed a fish each as no one was daring to come forward. I'd to take initiative to start, all these activities, while in group. By god's grace, I trust, the person or guide or teacher or adviser all the times.

Photos recovered and immidietly cought on the digital camera and put over here.

In this photograph, I'd watched these two wonderful creatures talking to each other and moving lips, cuddling each other. One was Giraffe and other was one Horne Rhino, as we call Genda in Hindi as well as in Marathi. Immidiately caught on camera. Everyone was amazed to watch this photograph.

We feed the Macau and were happy doing that.

Were on Sentosa island, Singapore.

On Go Cart, where, I got idea of Rs. 15000/= cheapest car in the world at that time.
My sister took one more photograph as she could not resist to do this again before we came back to India.
Thanks to father who was posted in Singapore and Djakarta, Indonesia, made these amazing moments possible. He was awarded by Indonesian Government for his work, and was given royal send off by Japanese counterpart and Indonesian Railways as well.
If anyone get a chance, just see these majestic animals, and wonderful creatures the creation of God; they also have heart, brain, body and soul, you realize it once you hold them in hand.
coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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