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Indian Languages made easy, English to Bengali

Indian Languages made easy, English to Bengali

 I know Bengali very well. Read all the Ramkrishan Vachanamrut, Geetanjali, Complete Works of Vivekanada, etc. I did it myself or took help from friends, some holy figures, cousins, and / or Google translator when it started functioning. Thanks to all. These are all original contents. 

Some history, geography and demography of Bengali:

English:: I ::Bengali:: Aami

English:: You ::Bengali:: Tui / tumi / aapni

English:: It ::Bengali:: Eta

English:: This ::Bengali:: Eta

English:: That ::Bengali:: Ota

English:: A ::Bengali:: Ekta

English:: Come(You come) ::Bengali:: Aye/aaso/aasun

English:: Came ::Bengali:: Ese chilaam (I came) ,ese chilo (he/ they came)

English:: Will come ::Bengali:: Aasbo(I will come)/ aasbe (he, they will come)

English:: Open ::Bengali:: Khul/ kholo/ khulun

English:: Opened ::Bengali:: Khullaam( I opened), khullo (he/they opened)

English:: Will open ::Bengali:: Khulbe

English:: Sit ::Bengali:: Baus/bauso/bosun

English:: Walk ::Bengali:: Chaul/chaulo/cholun

English:: Eat ::Bengali:: Kha/khao/khan

English:: Drink ::Bengali:: Kha/khao/khan

English:: Win ::Bengali:: Jeet

English:: Go ::Bengali:: Ja/jao/jaan

English:: Run ::Bengali:: Douda/duadau/daudaan

English:: I go ::Bengali:: Aami  jaai

English:: He goes ::Bengali:: Se jae

English:: He eats an apple ::Bengali:: Se aapel khay.

English:: He is eating an apple ::Bengali:: Se aapel kachche.

English:: He ate an apple ::Bengali:: Se aapel khe chilo

English:: I saw the film last week ::Bengali:: Ami gata saptah chobi dekhe chilam

English:: She came by bus yesterday ::Bengali:: Se base kore kaalke esechilo.

English:: They went to the mosque ::Bengali:: Tara mondir e geche

English:: He slept the whole night ::Bengali:: Se gota raat ghumiyeche

English:: He wrote well in the examination ::Bengali:: Se porrikha bhaalo diyeche

English:: He has eaten ::Bengali:: Se kheye niyeche

English:: He had eaten ::Bengali:: Se khe niyechilo

English:: He had gone ::Bengali:: Se giye chilo

English:: He had come ::Bengali:: Se ese chilo

English:: He will eat ::Bengali:: Se  Khabe

English:: He will go ::Bengali:: Se jabe

English:: He will come ::Bengali:: Se asbe

English:: What is your name? ::Bengali:: Tomar naam ki?

English:: What ::Bengali:: Ki

English:: Your ::Bengali:: Tomar

English:: Name ::Bengali:: Naam

English:: What did you do? ::Bengali:: Tumi ki koro?

English:: What should I do? ::Bengali:: Aami ki korbo?

English:: What can I do? ::Bengali:: Aami ki korte pari?

English:: What are the questions? ::Bengali:: Prosno gulo ki?

English:: What were the questions? ::Bengali:: proshno gulo ki chilo?

English:: What is written in the letter? ::Bengali:: Chithi te ki lekha aache?

English:: What you had been told? ::Bengali:: Tomake ki bola geche?

English:: What will be the answer? ::Bengali:: Uttor ki hote pare?

English:: Why did you come? ::Bengali:: Tumi kano escho?

English:: Why did you sleep? ::Bengali:: Tumi kano ghumao?

English:: Why did you tell him to go? ::Bengali:: Tumi oke jete bolle kano?

English:: Why did he bring the bag? ::Bengali:: Se bag kano enechilo?

English:: Why did she pay the money? ::Bengali:: Se taka kano diyechilo?

English:: Why did they sit there? ::Bengali:: Ora okhane kano bose chilo?

English:: Why do you drive the car? ::Bengali:: Tumi gadi kayno chalao?

English:: Why are they late for the meeting? ::Bengali:: Tara samabes er jonno kano derite esechilo?

English:: How did you come? ::Bengali:: Tumi kamon kore aasle?

English:: How did you sleep? ::Bengali:: Tumi kamon kore ghumao?

English:: How did you drive? ::Bengali:: Tumi kamon kore chalao?

English:: How did you write? ::Bengali:: Tumi kamon kore lekho?

English:: How many apples are there in my hand? ::Bengali:: Amar hathe kato gulo aapel aache?

English:: How many did you take? ::Bengali:: Tumi kato gulo nebe?

English:: How much did he pay you? ::Bengali:: O tomake kato diyeche?

English:: How much distance to go? ::Bengali:: Aar kauto door jete habe?

English:: How was the journey yesterday? ::Bengali:: kalker jatra kamon chilo?

English:: Which way did you come? ::Bengali:: Tumi kon rasta diye asecho?

English:: Which is your favourite colour? ::Bengali:: Tomar priyo rang ki?

English:: In which room did you sleep? ::Bengali:: Tumi kon ghaure ghumiye chile?

English:: Which story did you tell? ::Bengali:: Tumi kon gaulpo ta sonale?

English:: Which is the sweetest fruit? ::Bengali:: Kon fol ta sob teke besi misti?

English:: Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? ::Bengali:: Kon hindi kagoz ta sobche bhalo?

English:: Which Indian state has the largest population? ::Bengali:: Bharoter kon rajjer sob teke besi jonsonkha?

English:: Where did you come from? ::Bengali:: Tumi kotha theke asecho?

English:: Where did you sleep? ::Bengali:: Tumi kothaai ghumaao?

English:: Where should I go? ::Bengali:: Aami kothai jaai?

English:: Whom should I contact? ::Bengali:: Kar sathe ami jogajog korbo?

English:: Is it a book? ::Bengali:: Eta ki boi?

English:: It is a book ::Bengali:: Eta boi

English:: Is it the answer? ::Bengali:: Eta ki uttor?

English:: It is the answer ::Bengali:: Etai  uttor

English:: Will you come with me? ::Bengali:: Tumi ki aamar sathe aasbe?

English:: I shall come with you. ::Bengali:: Aami tomar sathe aasbo.

English:: Can you give me your pen? ::Bengali:: Tumi ki tomar kolomta amake dite parbe?

English:: Yes, of course. ::Bengali:: Ha nischoy.

English:: Can you lift the box? ::Bengali:: Tumi ki bakxo ta othate parbe?

English:: Can you write the exam? ::Bengali:: Tumi ki porikkha likhte parbe?

English:: Did you have your lunch? ::Bengali:: Tumi ki khaabaar khe niyecho?

English:: How are you? ::Bengali:: Tumi kamon aacho

English:: I am fine ::Bengali:: Aami bhalo aachi

English:: I want to be the best in my field in the world ::Bengali:: Aami ei jagote shobchche shreshtho hote chai.

English:: Bengali is the sweetest language in the world::
Bengali: Bangla bhasha shobchche mishti ei duniae.

English:: "Roshogulla" is the most famous Bengali sweet dish in the world::
Bengali:: "Roshogulla" holo shobachche proshiddho khabar bangal e.

English:: Bengalies love to make friends and are the most peaceful people within.
Bengali:: Bangali ra shobchche bashi pochondo kore bondhu banano aar holo nija shantipriyo lok.

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