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Indian Languages made easy, English to Kannada

Indian Languages made easy, English to Kannada

Kannada being spoken in Karnataka and most of the places near the Bangalore. 

Much of the Kannada and Telugu scripts are similar. Being in Bangalore we cracked Kannada first and later we cracked Telugu. Just remember the first letter that we cracked was "Ga" means "PIE" that has value of 3.14 i.e. 22/7 in mathematics....and there is no end...we kept cracking languages. It also shows there are so many similarities world over on symbols and figures used all across the languages and their representations.

All the name plates on the shops those are visible during travel in Bangalore were read by us. If we couldn't understand the joint words we asked the neighbor sitting in the Vajra Bus. 
Some of the basics of Kannada are similar to Telugu which I came to know from my friend Dr. Raman Rao in early childhood, but, it's this time that it was made a serious stuff for the world.  

Assamese and Bengali scripts are similar. I cracked these languages in 1996, by god's wish. 

English:: I ::Kannada:: Nanu

English:: He ::Kannada:: Avanu

English:: She ::Kannada:: Avalu

English:: You ::Kannada:: Neenu

English:: It ::Kannada:: Adu

English:: This ::Kannada:: Idu

English:: That ::Kannada:: Adu

English:: A ::Kannada:: vandhu

English:: Mother ::Kannada:: Thaayi/amma

English:: Father ::Kannada:: Appa/thandhe.

English:: Come(You come) ::Kannada:: Baa

English:: Came ::Kannada:: Baandha(male) /Banhalu(female)

English:: Will come ::Kannada:: Baaruthare

English:: Open ::Kannada:: Bhichu

English:: Opened ::Kannada:: Bhichidhe

English:: Will open ::Kannada:: Bhichabeku

English:: Sit ::Kannada:: Kuthko/ Kulithuko

English:: Walk ::Kannada:: Nadee

English:: Eat ::Kannada:: Thinnu

English:: Drink ::Kannada:: Kudee

English:: Win ::Kannada:: Gellu

English:: Go ::Kannada:: Hogu/Horadu

English:: Run ::Kannada:: Odu

English:: I go ::Kannada:: Nanu hoguthene

English:: He goes ::Kannada:: Avanu hoguthane

English:: He eats an apple ::Kannada:: Avanu sebu(apple) thinuthane

English:: He is eating an apple ::Kannada:: Avanu sebu thinnuthidhane

English:: He ate an apple ::Kannada:: Avanu sebu thindhanu

English:: I saw the film last week ::Kannada:: Nanu hodha wara picture/ chalanachitra nodidhanu

English:: She came by bus yesterday ::Kannada:: Avalu ninne businalli bandhalu

English:: They went to the mosque ::Kannada:: Avaru masidhi/darga ge hodharu

English:: He slept the whole night ::Kannada:: Avanu eedi raatri malaghidhanu

English:: He wrote well in the examination ::Kannada:: Avanu pariksheyalli chennaghi madidhanu/

English:: ::Kannada:: Avanu pariksheyalli chennaghi baredhanu

English:: He has eaten ::Kannada:: Avanu thindhidhane

English:: He will eat ::Kannada:: Avanu thinnuthane

English:: He will go ::Kannada:: Avanu hoguthane

English:: He will come ::Kannada:: Avanu baruthane

English:: What is your name? ::Kannada:: Ninna hesarenu?/ Ninna hesaru yenu?

English:: What ::Kannada:: Yenu?

English:: Your ::Kannada:: Ninna

English:: Name ::Kannada:: Hesaru

English:: What did you do? ::Kannada:: Neenu yenu maduthiya?

English:: What should I do? ::Kannada:: Nanu yenu madabeku?

English:: What can I do? ::Kannada:: Nanu yenu madabhahudhu?/ nanu yenu madaballe

English:: What are the questions? ::Kannada:: Yenu prashnegalu?

English:: What were the questions? ::Kannada:: Yenu prashnegaliddhavu?

English:: What is the last question? ::Kannada:: Koneya prashne yenu?

English:: What is written in the letter? ::Kannada:: Pattradhalli/Kaagadhadalli yenu baredhidhe?

English:: What you had been told? ::Kannada:: Ninege yenu hellalaghithu?

English:: What will be the answer? ::Kannada:: Uttara yenirabhahudhu?

English:: Why did you come? ::Kannada:: Neenu yaake bandhe?

English:: Why did you sleep? ::Kannada:: Neenu yaake malaghidhe?

English:: Why did you tell him to go? ::Kannada:: Neenu avanige yakee hoghalikke hellidhe?

English:: Why did he bring the bag? ::Kannada:: Avanu yaake cheela thandhanu?

English:: Why did she pay the money? ::Kannada:: Avalu yakee dhuddu kottalu?

English:: Why did they sit there? ::Kannada:: Avaru alli yakee kootharu?

English:: Why do you drive the car? ::Kannada:: Neenu gaadi yakee biduthiya?/

English:: ::Kannada:: Neenu yakee gaadi chalayisuthiya?

English:: Why are they late for the meeting? ::Kannada:: Avaru meetingige yaake thadavadharu?

English:: How did you come? ::Kannada:: Neenu hege bandhe?

English:: How did you sleep? ::Kannada:: Neenu hege malaghidhe?

English:: How did you drive? ::Kannada:: Neenu hege gaadi chalayisidhe?.

English:: How did you write? ::Kannada:: Neenu hege baredhe?

English:: How many apples are there in my hand? ::Kannada:: Nanna kaiyalli yestu sebu idde?

English:: How many did you take? ::Kannada:: Neenu yestu  thagedhukonde?

English:: How much did he pay you? ::Kannada:: Avanu ninage yestu hana kottanu?

English:: How much distance to go? ::Kannada:: Yestu doora hoghabheku?

English:: How was the journey yesterday? ::Kannada:: Ninneya prayana heghithu?

English:: Which way did you come? ::Kannada:: Neenu yaava daariyalli bandhe?

English:: Which is your favourite colour? ::Kannada:: Ninna istavadha banna yavudhu?/

English:: ::Kannada:: ninege yava banna ista?

English:: In which room did you sleep? ::Kannada:: Neenu yava koneyalli malaghidhe?

English:: Which story did you tell? ::Kannada:: Neenu yava khathe helidhe?

English:: Which is the sweetest fruit? ::Kannada:: Yallakintha saviyatha hannu yavudhu?

English:: Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? ::Kannada:: Hindiya yava patrike sarvashresta?

English:: Which Indian state has the largest population? ::Kannada:: Bharatha deshada yava rajyadalli jasti janasankye?

English:: Where did you come from? ::Kannada:: Neenu yellindha bandhe?/ ninna ooru yavadhu?

English:: Where did you sleep? ::Kannada:: Neenu yelli malaghidhe?

English:: Where is the manager’s cabin? ::Kannada:: Managerina kone yavudhu?

English:: Where should I go? ::Kannada:: Nanu yellige hogabeku?

English:: Whom should I contact? ::Kannada:: Nanu yaranna samparkisabeku?

English:: Is it a book? ::Kannada:: Idu pustakava?/ idu pustaka naa?

English:: It is a book ::Kannada:: Ide pustaka/ ide pustaka

English:: Is it the answer? ::Kannada:: Idu uttarana?

English:: It is the answer ::Kannada:: Ide uttara

English:: Will you come with me? ::Kannada:: Neenu nanna joteghe baaruthiya?

English:: I shall come with you. ::Kannada:: Naanu ninna jotege barythene

English:: Will you give me your pen? ::Kannada:: Ninna pennu/ kalam nanage koduthiya?

English:: Yes, of course. ::Kannada:: Avashyavaghi koduthene

English:: Can you give me your pen? ::Kannada:: Nanege ninna penana kodabhahudha?/

English:: Can you lift the box? ::Kannada:: Neenu dabbiyanna yethe balliya?/

English:: Can you write the exam? ::Kannada:: Ninindha parikshe bariyalu sadyana?

English:: Did you have your lunch? ::Kannada:: Oota madhidheya?/ oota aayitha?

English:: How are you? ::Kannada:: Hegiddhiya?/ Neenu heghiddhiya?

English:: I am fine ::Kannada:: Nanu chenagiddene.

English:: My Metro:: :: Kannada :: Namma Metro

These are the points to remember while learning Indian Languages.
I take help from my cousin to translate this. In all the languages, whether foreign or Indian I did it myself or took help from friends, cousins, and / or Google translator when it started functioning. These are all original contents.

For Other Indian languages having more than 210000 Individual Learners Globally/ Visitors/ Month. 

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