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Indian Languages Made Easy, English to Oriya or Odiya

Indian Languages Made Easy, English to Oriya or Odiya

It's mostly spoken in the Odisha which was earlier called as Orrissa state/ province of India. Bhuvaneshwar is the capital city and places of importance are Katak, Puri, and Konark Temple, with attraction of sea, and Sun temple. Jagannath Rath Yatra from which the word Juggernaut is taken happens at Puri every year.

These are all original contents. 

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English:: I ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu

English:: He ::Oriya (Odia):: Say

English:: She ::Oriya (Odia):: Say

English:: You ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume

English:: It ::Oriya (Odia):: Eita

English:: A ::Oriya (Odia):: Gotea

English:: Come ::Oriya (Odia):: Aasa

English:: Came ::Oriya (Odia):: Asila

English:: Will come ::Oriya (Odia):: Aseba

English:: Open ::Oriya (Odia):: Khola

English:: Opened ::Oriya (Odia):: Kholila

English:: Will open ::Oriya (Odia):: Kholiba

English:: Sit ::Oriya (Odia):: Basiba

English:: Walk ::Oriya (Odia):: Chaliba

English:: Eat ::Oriya (Odia):: Khaiba

English:: Drink ::Oriya (Odia):: Peeba

English:: Win ::Oriya (Odia):: Jetiba

English:: Go ::Oriya (Odia):: Jeeba

English:: Run ::Oriya (Odia):: Daudiba

English:: I go ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu jaye

English:: He goes ::Oriya (Odia):: Say Jaye

English:: He eats an apple ::Oriya (Odia):: Say seo khaye

English:: He is eating an apple ::Oriya (Odia):: Say seo khauchi

English:: He ate an apple ::Oriya (Odia):: Say seo khaila

English:: I saw the film last week ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu gata saptaha re chalachitra ti dekhili

English:: She came by bus yesterday ::Oriya (Odia):: Say gat kali bus re asila

English:: They went to the mosque ::Oriya (Odia):: Saymane mandira gale

English:: He slept the whole night ::Oriya (Odia):: Say rati sara soithila

English:: He wrote well in the examination ::Oriya (Odia):: Say pariksha bhala karichi

English:: He has eaten ::Oriya (Odia):: Say khaichi

English:: He had eaten ::Oriya (Odia):: Sa khai thilla

English:: He had gone ::Oriya (Odia):: Say jaithilla

English:: He had come ::Oriya (Odia):: Say aasithila

English:: He will eat ::Oriya (Odia):: Say khaiba

English:: He will go ::Oriya (Odia):: Say jiba

English:: He will come ::Oriya (Odia):: Say aasiba

English:: What is your name? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tuma nama kana

English:: What ::Oriya (Odia):: Kana

English:: Is ::Oriya (Odia):: Ate

English:: Your ::Oriya (Odia):: Tumara

English:: Name ::Oriya (Odia):: Nama

English:: What did you do? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kana kala?

English:: What should I do? ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu kana kariba uchit?

English:: What can I do? ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu kana kari paribi?

English:: What are the questions? ::Oriya (Odia):: Prasna sabu kana?

English:: What were the questions? ::Oriya (Odia):: Prasna sabu kana thilla?

English:: What is the last question? ::Oriya (Odia):: Sesa prashna kana?

English:: What is written in the letter? ::Oriya (Odia):: Chithi re kana lekha aachhi?

English:: What you had been told? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tumaku  kana kuaha jaaithila?

English:: What will be the answer? ::Oriya (Odia):: Uttara kana heba?

English:: Why did you come? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kauthi paein aasila?

English:: Why did you sleep? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume Kauthi paein soeithila?

English:: Why did you tell him to go? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kauthi paein taku jiba paein kahila?

English:: Why did he bring the bag? ::Oriya (Odia):: Say kauthi  paein bag anila?

English:: Why did she pay the money? ::Oriya (Odia):: Say tanka kauthi paein dela?

English:: Why did they sit there? ::Oriya (Odia):: Samane sestare kauthi  paein basithile?

English:: Why do you drive the car? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume car kauthi paein chalao?

English:: Why are they late for the meeting? ::Oriya (Odia):: Kauthi paein Samane meeting deri re asile?

English:: How did you come? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kemiti asila?

English:: How did you sleep? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kemiti  soilla?

English:: How did you drive? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kemiti chaleila?

English:: How did you write? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kemiti lekhila?

English:: How many apples are there in my hand? ::Oriya (Odia):: Mo hatare ketoti seo achhi?

English:: How many did you take? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume ketoti nela?

English:: How much did he pay you? ::Oriya (Odia):: Say kete tanka dela?

English:: How was the journey yesterday? ::Oriya (Odia):: Gat kali jatra kemiti thilla?

English:: Which way did you come? ::Oriya (Odia):: Kyon rasta rae tume asila?

English:: Which is your favourite colour? ::Oriya (Odia):: Kyon ranga tumaku bhala laage?

English:: In which room did you sleep? ::Oriya (Odia):: Kyon bakhara re tume soiba?

English:: Which story did you tell? ::Oriya (Odia):: Kau gapa tume kahila?

English:: Which is the sweetest fruit? ::Oriya (Odia):: Kau phalla sabuthu mitha?

English:: Which is the best newspaper? ::Oriya (Odia):: Hindi re kyon khabara kagaja bhala?

English:: Which Indian state has the largest population? ::Oriya (Odia):: Bharata re kyon rajya re sabustu adhika loka achhanti?

English:: Where did you come from? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kauthu asila?

English:: Where did you sleep? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kauthi soila?

English:: Where is the manager’s cabin? ::Oriya (Odia):: Parichaalaknkar  bakhara kauthi?

English:: Where should I go? ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu kausti ki jibi?

English:: Whom should I contact? ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu kaha sahaita dekhakaribi?

English:: Is it a book? ::Oriya (Odia):: Aha gote bahi ki?

English:: It is a book ::Oriya (Odia):: Aha gote bahi

English:: Will you come with me? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume mo sahita asiba ki?

English:: I shall come with you. ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu tum sahita jibi.

English:: You come to my room after the exam. ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume pariksha pare mo bakhara ku asa.

English:: Will you give me your pen? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume mote tuma kalama dabaki?

English:: Yes, of course. ::Oriya (Odia):: Han nischita.

English:: Can you give me your pen? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume mote tuma kalama deiparibaki?

English:: Can you lift the box? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume bax ti ku athai paribaki?

English:: Can you write the exam? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume parikshare lekhi paribaki?

English:: Did you have your lunch? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tu madhyana bhojana kal ki?

English:: How are you? ::Oriya (Odia):: Tume kipari acha?

English:: I am fine. ::Oriya (Odia):: Mu bhal achhi.

Thanks to Oriya/ Odiya speaking friends like Tophan, Narendra, Panda, Patanik, etc. 

In all the languages, whether foreign or Indian I did it myself or took help from friends, cousins, and / or Google translator when it started functioning. 

For Other more read and studied language around the world, having more than 210000 Individual Learners Globally/ Visitors/ Month. 

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, 


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