"Sir, what are the exact qualifications required? Sometimes, I'm under Qualified sometimes, over Qualified" few students, .....asked me today.
"Any answer, Sir?".....
I said, "The best person to answer is a HR professional who can decide it. Why they reject? Why they select? What is the over qualification and what is the under qualification? However, in a good organization there is a place for everyone. Take India, we've all kinds of people of every religion, caste, creed, qualifications, skills, ....this and that. Hence, tell me where were you rejected on such parameters?".
One candidate said, "On one occasion they wanted just B.Sc. B.Ed. and not M.Sc. B.Ed. or M. Phil. or Ph.D. and on one occasion they rejected me for want of books and publications. Sir, they should tell us before interviewing, as they don't pay Traveling Allowance (TA) and Dearness Allowance (DA) our money goes waste, this is my 25th interview, Sir. Sir, if we don't get job, where and who will feed our family? Can the world be so cruel to reject us on over qualifications, which is not letting us become successful in personal tutoring, or in teaching or in what ever we do?" ....the person started crying....and further said, "Government created so many colleges and we got qualified just to be called over qualified?"...Others laughed but...the candidate could not stop emotions....
Another said, "Even though vacancy is there, they want us to come on part time basis due to over qualifications. How can we feed our family?".
Another said, "Sir, now at the age of 50 years, what more they want to learn us? If told, I can build the whole building well, which can pass all the construction parameters, but, .....as we don't have qualifications many people reject us, Sir, on under-qualifications."
Another said, "Sir, ....................."
There was no end.
I'm raising this issue, as, children are getting over literate and jobs are either becoming redundant or getting obsolete or stagnant or scanty or rare or unwanted or wanted but in different fashion or degrees becoming so-so, or someone do not want to make everyone happy or governments could not pursue the explosions or transparency is killing businesses of many or HR are doing just show-off jobs and they hire only their own people or interviews have become show-off, sir, or just to let the present employee not to ask raise they are conducting interviews or ......... There were so many blame-games ..that even destiny could stop laughing at the remarks of young people... Personally, I had to tell the answers and console so many.
Let's offer prayer to god in such a situation/s...."May god make everyone employable and employee or entrepreneur or self employee or self sufficient or ....at least an able person who can feed two square meals a day, to his/ her family and self".

Aum. Amen. Amin.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, lives on the earth, Nagpur, India.