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Indian Languages Made Easy English to Tamil

Indian Languages Made Easy, English to Tamil

It's the main language in the state/ province of Tamilnadu one of the southernmost part of India. Chennai, Trichi, Thanjavur, are the places of importance. It's one of the oldest languages in the world.

I take help from my cousin to translate this. In all the languages, whether foreign or Indian I did it myself or took help from friends, cousins, and / or Google translator when it started functioning. These are all original contents. 

கடவுளின் அருளால், டாக்டர் ஆஷிஷ் மனோகர் Urkude எழுப்பப்பட்ட கேள்விகள், உலக வங்கி, உலக பொருளாதார மன்றம் மற்றும் அமைப்பு, ஐக்கிய நாடுகள் சபையின், மனித நாகரிகம் சேமிக்க:

Tamil and Korean Connections: 500 exactly similar words:
ex. Naan = I.

Please read:

English:: English:: ::Tamil:: ::Tamil::

English:: I ::Tamil:: Naan

English:: He ::Tamil:: Avan

English:: She ::Tamil:: Aval

English:: You ::Tamil:: Nee

English:: It ::Tamil:: Athu

English:: A ::Tamil:: Oru

English:: Come ::Tamil:: Vaa

English:: Came ::Tamil:: Vanthuttan(male)/vanthutta(female)

English:: Will come ::Tamil:: Vanthiruvan(male)/vanthiruva(female)

English:: Open ::Tamil:: Thera

English:: Opened ::Tamil:: Theranthiruke

English:: Will open ::Tamil:: Therakum

English:: Sit ::Tamil:: Ukkarru

English:: Walk ::Tamil:: Nadae

English:: Eat ::Tamil:: Saapidu

English:: Drink ::Tamil:: Kudi

English:: Win ::Tamil:: Jayie

English:: Go ::Tamil:: Poa

English:: Run ::Tamil:: Odu

English:: I go ::Tamil:: Naan porean

English:: He goes ::Tamil:: Avan poraan

English:: He eats an apple ::Tamil:: Avan apple saapiduvaan

English:: He is eating an apple ::Tamil:: Avan apple saapiduraan

English:: He ate an apple ::Tamil:: Avan apple saapittaan

English:: I saw the film last week ::Tamil:: Naan poana vaaram padam paarthean

English:: She came by bus yesterday ::Tamil:: Aval nethu pearundhu valiya vandha

English:: They went to the temple ::Tamil:: Avankellam kovilluku poannaanga

English:: He slept the whole night ::Tamil:: Avan mulu rathiriyum thoonkinaan

English:: He wrote well in the examination ::Tamil:: Avan paritchayila nalla eluthi irukkaan

English:: He has eaten ::Tamil:: Avan saapittu mudichutaan

English:: He had eaten ::Tamil:: Avan saapittaan

English:: He had gone ::Tamil:: Avan poittaan

English:: He had come ::Tamil:: Avan vanthutaan

English:: He will eat ::Tamil:: Avan saapiduvaan

English:: He will go ::Tamil:: Avan povaan

English:: He will come ::Tamil:: Avan varuvaan

English:: What is your name? ::Tamil:: Unga peru enna?

English:: What ::Tamil:: Enna

English:: Your ::Tamil:: Wun, unga(respect)

English:: Name ::Tamil:: paer

English:: What did you do? ::Tamil:: Nee enna panra, neenga enna panreenga (respect)

English:: What should I do? ::Tamil:: Naan enna seyyanum?

English:: What are the questions? ::Tamil:: Enna kelvigal?

English:: What were the questions? ::Tamil:: Enna kelvigal irunthithu?

English:: What is the last question? ::Tamil:: Kadaisi kelvi enna?

English:: What is written in the letter? ::Tamil:: Khadithathil enna ezhuthi iruku?

English:: What you had been told? ::Tamil:: Unaku enna solli irunthathu?

English:: What will be the answer? ::Tamil:: Badil enna va irukum?

English:: Why did you come? ::Tamil:: Yean vantha ?

English:: Why did you sleep? ::Tamil:: En thoonguray?

English:: Why did you tell him to go? ::Tamil:: Yaen avana poga sonna?

English:: Why did he bring the bag? ::Tamil:: Avan yean pai kondu vanthan?

English:: Why did she pay the money? ::Tamil:: Aval yaen kaasu koduthal?

English:: Why did they sit there? ::Tamil:: Avunga yaen inga utkaanthirukaanga?

English:: Why do you drive the car? ::Tamil:: Yaen car ottina?

English:: Why are they late for the meeting? ::Tamil:: Yean avunga meeting ku thamadama vanthaanga?

English:: How did you come? ::Tamil:: Nee eppadi vanthe?

English:: How did you sleep? ::Tamil:: Nee epadi thoongina?

English:: How did you drive? ::Tamil:: Nee epadi oattina?

English:: How did you write? ::Tamil:: Nee epadi ezhuthina?

English:: How many apples are there in my hand? ::Tamil:: Ethana apple enn kaieilla irukku?

English:: How many did you take? ::Tamil:: Ethana nee edutha?

English:: How much did he pay you? ::Tamil:: Evalavu panam kodutha?

English:: How much distance to go? ::Tamil:: Evalavu thooram poakanum?

English:: How was the journey yesterday? ::Tamil:: Nethu payanam epadi irrunthathu?

English:: Which way did you come? ::Tamil:: Entha valiya vanthe?

English:: Which is your favorite color? ::Tamil:: Virupamana niram enna?

English:: In which room did you sleep? ::Tamil:: Entha arailla thoongina?

English:: Which story did you tell? ::Tamil:: Entha kathaya sonna?

English:: Which is the sweetest fruit? ::Tamil:: Unnaku rumba inipaana palam ethu?

English:: Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? ::Tamil:: Entha siethithaal nalla irukkum?

English:: Which Indian state has the largest population? ::Tamil:: Entha indhiya naattu maanilathula romba janathogai irruku?

English:: Where did you come from? ::Tamil:: Enga irunthu vandha?

English:: Where did you sleep? ::Tamil:: Enga thoonguna?

English:: Where is the manager’s cabin? ::Tamil:: Seyalaalar arai enga?

English:: Where should I go? ::Tamil:: Naan enga poganum?

English:: Whom should I contact? ::Tamil:: Yeara santhikanum?

English:: Is it a book? ::Tamil:: Ithu puthakama?

English:: It is a book ::Tamil:: Ithu puthakam?

English:: Is it the answer? ::Tamil:: Ithuthaan badhila?

English:: It is the answer ::Tamil:: Ithuthaan badhil?

English:: Will you come with me? ::Tamil:: Enkoda varuviya?

English:: I shall come with you. ::Tamil:: Naan wunkoda varuven.

English:: Will you give me your pen? ::Tamil:: Peanava kodupeengala?

English:: Yes, of course. ::Tamil:: Aama, pinna.

English:: Can you give me your pen? ::Tamil:: Peanava kudukka mudiyuma?

English:: Can you lift the box? ::Tamil:: Pettiya thookka mudiyumma?

English:: Can you write the exam? ::Tamil:: Paritchai elutha mudiyumma?

English:: Did you have your lunch? ::Tamil:: Madhiyaanam saappadu saapittiya?

Thanks to Tamil Speaking friends and students, like Mr. Raman,Vijai, Satish, Ganesha, Baskaran, Ganu, Ramswami, Raju, Raja, Shivam, Balaaji, Ms. Kavitha, Dr. Kavitha, Srividya, Peter, Srinivasa, Nitin, etc. 

For Other more read and studied language around the world, having more than 210000 Individual Learners Globally/ Visitors/ Month. 

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