Thursday, July 26, 2012

The self destructive habits of human beings

The self destructive habits of human beings

Who cares?
Even when you see the earth is becoming the black hole and dumping ground of waste materials.

Greed, Greed, and Greed.
Greed to earn by name, fame, money by unethical ways,
Greed to grow by any unethical ways,
Greed to follow, that path, which should not be followed.

Compete, Compete and Compete in anything and everything.
Grow, Grow and Grow without considering future.
Go, Go and Go, even you die.
Ignore, Ignore and Ignore more, even if fellow humans are been killed, which could be called indirect cannibalism.
Dump, Dump and Dump even if your house gets bad smell.
Enjoy, more enjoy, enjoy more, even if you're tired
Spoil. Spoil, and Spoil more, even if their is no space left for spoiling our planet.
Produce, Produce and Produce more weapons and improve ignorance of cannibalism.
Kill, Kill and Kill more projects, like going to places in Universe, even if that will eradicate the human existence on earth.
Hide, Hide and Hide, bad things in the name of classified.
Use, Use and Use the resources, even if they are on the verge of extinction.
Doubt, Doubt, and Doubt the existence of God and deny his system of morality.
Burn, Burn and Burn, the classical scripts, in the name of intellectual or some times not intellectual ventures.
I think there is no end to these destructive habits of human beings and
These tiny mistakes of human beings is killing the "subjects" like moral sciences, ethics, ....and thus the existence of human beings.

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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