Monday, July 09, 2012

An UNO level intervention is required in revolutionising Education Sector, right from Kinder Garden to Doctor of Philosophy

"An UNO level intervention is required in revolutionising the Education Sector all around the world, Right from KG to PhD to Post-Ph.D. to create some real value," Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, expressed his views among the students, professionals, and faculty community. The major, reason being, on one hand Right to education is implemented in 135 countries, still 100% literacy is pipe-dream, it seems, still now.

Education in India at primary to Ph.D. level is in fantastic stage.

"After cut off marks of 99% in several colleges, now, even intelligent students find it difficult to get good education in good colleges. Why can't the quality of existing colleges be improved by mandatory requirements to run it?" A student.

After reading the article in Indian Express about this issue on URL:
A hot blooded students replied, "All about Brain Drain, and policies to prevent it from Brain Dead, Sir?"
I told him, shut-up, don't talk such way to/of our seniors, they are also trying to up grade the quality of education system, however due to sheer volume and population explosion around the world, it's difficult for them to cope up, with limited resources that they have. 

I told him, that, I think it's a world level problem and new hot blooded students, have such classical questions that we academicians have no answers. Also, there are only 57 institutions and universities who provide management education have triple accreditation, which shows global situation. Just look at the Wikipedia: , it means other mass of almost 10000 institutions, have no Quality of Business education????? I wonder, why not we have such world level body, it's a huge task and we've to take it forward before it degenerates further, otherwise, humanity will lose it's quality itself.

An UNO level intervention is required in revolutionize Education Sector all around the world,
Right from KG to Ph.D. to Post-Ph.D. to create some real value.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Some more evidence coming up: Take example of India: Visit URL:  
I can provide more such experiences from around the world, in the higher education field.

You see, if 100 million students are not getting quality education, which could more than the population of few countries, and if it is not an UNO level problem, then, hat's off to UNO and the Educationists, and Experts like us, for their existence itself.  

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