Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some classical experiments, breakthrough research and findings

Some classical experiments, breakthrough research and findings

1. When one magnetically charged particles are kept on North Pole of Earth and one on the South pole then, interaction on one has effect on the other.

2. The northern lights and southern lights have shown some synchronous movements and linking, when seen from the space shuttle or from satellites.

3. Viruses can live for may be thousands of years by forming a crystal and together resisting the chemicals and other atrocities.

4. Viruses are one among the only living species that can literally crystallize like the metals or non-metals.

5. There are some microbes that have survived the Gravitational pull of 400000 X g



6. Ancient Bactria may be first to walk on earth:

7. It was the plants that brought sea creatures on land:

8. Friendly and useful bacteria, who can help humans:

9. Alien Life can survive on earth:

10. New Forms of Life: Bacteria that lives on Arsenic:

11. Death isn’t the end: As per Biocentrism:

12. Bacteria getting infected by Virus, at some particular rate:

13. Amazing cells that dock the protein being transported:

14. Life existing in Sulphuric Acid-H2SO4 or Hydrochloric acid-HCL or Nitric Acid-HNO3 or ....acids on planets:

15. Bacteria Mats, and united bacterial synchronous movement was the first to walk on earth?

16. List of extinct animals:

Earth can seed the life on some of our planets in solar system:

Saturn moon best for life:

Life below darkest of oceans:

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,


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