Friday, June 22, 2012

Super Questions in The World today

Super Questions in The World today

The Jungles are burning but there is no water to extinguish?

The hearts of civilians are burning but there are no medicines to cure it?

The minds of young generations are burning but there is no brighter side?

Politics has gone to nadir?

Business has become cut throat?

Lives have become cheaper?

Environment has become unpredictable?

Nature is exposing man’s true nature?

Parents have less time for children?

Families are getting disintegrated?

The holy Ganges is targeted by the unholy minds?

Oceans are getting polluted beyond limits?

Richer getting richer?

Poorer getting poorer?

Children losing their childhood at early age?

Wild animals are getting encroached by human activities?

Cities are getting hungry even after over eating?

Villages are left hungry and not getting foods?

Farmers who sow the food for humanity are left hungry?

Notorious who should not be fed are given star citizenships?

The real heroes who fight for humanity are not in the news?

The reel heroes who are working for millions of dollars are always in the limelight?

Values that should be valued are on purpose getting devalued?

Qualities that are to be shown the door, are entering the homes of the common man?

India, where milk was abundant, now left high and dry of milk?

India, is where un consumable liquids are sold door to door?

India, where fakirs and sadhus were revered to the core?

India, where gundas and rich are getting more reverence?

Education has become business?

Teachers have become friends next door to students?

Most of the Students have become misguided missiles for their own lives?

Stress has overtaken the life?

Tranquility has left earth?

Uncertainty has over powered the certainty?

God has been shown, and mostly been treated like a businessman in the places of worship?

Governments and Economies have become rather dysfunctional?

Loyal and Truthful are words in the dictionary but not in practice?

Change of words and eating of words spoken by leaders have become everyday practice?

People are losing trust in their own systems where they live?

Children are facing future as black-hole than feeling brighter?

Black Economies, has become order of the day?

White Economies have been targeted in organized manners?

Evil Societies have started controlling civil societies?

De-recognition than recognition has become order of the day?

Barbaric Acts are overtaking the civilized acts?

House culture is getting destroyed by the TV culture?

Office cultures are getting destroyed by the organized crimes?

There are more fictitious offers than real world offers for money now a day?

Children are always in search of their idols and icons, but hardly could find it?

Internet and Money are getting so much importance that they have diluted all physical boundaries.

In many incidences, people know the result of the match that would be played a week later?

Where are we going?

What are we doing?

Why are we doing so?

Nobody has time to ponder on this?

Or “who cares” state of mind, has overtaken the minds of civil societies?

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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