Thursday, June 21, 2012

That is my real agony my boy

That's my real agony my boy (poem)

I went to my near and dear one, Grand father,
He started expressing after a while.

Boy, I'm 90+ years old, now.
I've been to USA, UK, India, Japan, Canada, and Australia,
I've stayed some time there,
However, there also I didn't find the true democracy.

Went to USSR, Hungary, Austria, and China,
However, there also I didn't find the true communism.

Went to Bhutan, Nepal, Brunei, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other princely states,
However, there also I didn't find the true monarchy.

This world is full of inequality, and favouritism,
I could not find the inclusive growth anywhere.

Everybody talks about environment, and I've been to many culprit organisations.
To my surprice, the environmental campaign is raised by them only and it has a basic flaw, that everyone wants others to do it.

Everyone talks about going agains anti human activities.
However, my boy, the real authorities themselves support these activites behind the scenes.

I've seen war on water in India, your own country my boy,
I've also seen rich authorities taking bath using packaged drinking water.

I've seen countries fighting for the diamonds in Sierra Leon like states,
However, infront of the public, the same people who started the war, were talking against it.

Thus, I've seen this dual nature of few so called powerful people,
Thus, in this world full of sham, I've started losing trust, and still now don't know who is truthful and who is not.

I'd dreamt of a wonderful world in my young age i.e. till I became 90 year old,
However, it is coming out to be a pipe dream, and
That's my real agony my boy.

With increasing population, humans should have worked on this issue, and should have generated a plan,
Values should have been given more importance than falsehood,
Gone are the days when Fakir's like me were revered truly and were followed truly,
But my boy, humans are the greatest enemy of this earth and themselves is what I've started feeling now.
You're Pure at heart, but, I request you please, don't call me enlightened soul,
Sometimes, even God himself cannot change this world, and it's well set routine.
Please convey my message to the world
Let humans work towards these dreams of setting up heaven on earth,
before the dreams are labled utopean and even concieved as pipedreams.
I may go ahead and even say, let humans become real humans first,
true to their own words, trust and faith,
and which will not let this earth become the hell.
This warning is required as I feel hell may not be created on earth, 
while we try to establish heaven on earth.

Coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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