Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Support to my claim, life exists even on Sun like stars and even on Blackholes, anywhere

Support to my claim, life exists even on Sun like stars and even on Blackholes, anywhere

Bacterias living below sea bed since 86 million years on earth:

Microbes that servive, 400000 X g force:


Microbes that servives Arsenic contamination:
New Forms of life:

I also have read, that Viruses are suppossed to be on the borderline of the living and non-living due to their resistivity that they have developed by forming crystals and even they can multiply and live for millions of years. Viruses can resist the medicines by modifying and evolving themselves, hence, continuing research is required to overcome some diseases. Viruses, stay at one place without eating for any long time and once they come into contact of pray/ host, they eat and multiply. This means Physically also it is possible to live long and infact that's what scientists are trying for humanbeings.

If such facts are available on earth then, why not life exists on even some conducive environment / atmosphere like on mars, saturn, moons and other places? Of course at present, we may not be able to detect, is different issue; that we may not have porper definition for the life at present is different issue; that we laugh at such ideas is different issue; then we prove it after some time and confirm it, is also different issue; but, it's a proven fact by ancient scripts, that life is everywhere. We might have lost the technology to know it and access it is different issue.
Finally, life exists everywhere, we may not have that technology to detect or understand or concieve and develop the technologies to know, at present.

It's a long process, more advance but very simple than rocket science, to develop, humanbeings will keep trying and hope to come up to that level in future.

That's the final conclusion everyone can have after reading, studying and imagining, and finally, as a  experince as well. In fact, it is not the energy that runs this multiple universe but the life that runs it. Seers even have proved, that, even sub atomic particles and vacuum also have life in them. In fact this whole world is one super-conscience God and is full of Life. That's the Advaita Philosophy as well.
Amazingly science is also going that way only, it seems. Though it's a bold statement at this juncture, but, humans can go anywhere and even survive, I've started feeling. Hence, time has come to establish the human civilisation at multiple places in the universe.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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