Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have Permanent Solution to Anti-Moral Activities?

Have Permanent Solution to Anti-Moral Activities?

My child asked me, "Baba is there permanent solution to these anti-moral activities?"

I said, “Child once you awaken your self-conscience, then you can’t do anti-moral activities.

Child, “If you’re telling me as a child, why these older people were not told by their parents?”

Me, “Their parents also told them, but, the criminals didn’t listen to parents.”

Child, “But, Baba, they should understand themselves they are grown up.”

I was dialed by God, I started feeling, through my child, to awaken self first, is what I started feeling.

Then, we started thinking along with children, “Why this world is so imperfect?”

“Why bad news are always shown on news channel?”

“Why there is no moral in the place, where most moral are supposed to be there?”

“Why there is inequality at its extreme that force, thieves to carry out theft?”

Why there are boundaries between the countries, which, forces, wars, extremisms, and other crimes?”

“Why everyone is not literate, even after Right To Education in more than 100 countries?”

“Why people take non-legal steps in spite of strong books on code of conducts and penal codes?”

“Why evil society becomes powerful sometimes over the civil societies around the world?”

“Why everyone including leaders, and parents, can’t behave properly?”

“Why there is so much corruption, environmental damage is there everywhere around the world?”

The questions were unending, but, no one, no entity, could give a permanent solution.

“Awakening Self-Conscience”, Solution was under consideration.

Someone came and interfered with us, and said, “Don’t misguide children with your idealism.”

“This idealism will bring no solution,

This idealism has destroyed this country,

This idealism has made this country weak,

This, idealistic thoughts, will never ever, make these children earn a single Rupee,

This, idealism will take us to nowhere,

Bring some practical solutions, where in, you can bring some jobs to keep the society busy for life”.

The man easily forgot, to keep your own-conscience awaken at all the times, is also a full time job.

Children can be taught to keep their moral values high in their young age only.

Ones the roots are built strong, the children will become true moral citizens of the world.

Again the practical solution provider can in, said, “You’re destroying their young age.”

“Let them know on their own, experiment, and let them learn.”

The man easily forgot, “Even you can learn from other’s cases.”

The children went happily, said, “Let others live their life as they wish, we’ll live full of conscience.”

I’m sure, they will not ever do, any anti-moral activities.

By God’s own grace, a Freelance poet: Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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