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Why can't water at every door step be reality in India? .....A Debate

Why can't water at every door step be reality in India?.....A Debate

Classic, the children can think independently, express boldly, use technology for their everyday use, ex. while referring the websites of references; above all some of them are fearless, as well. Hope they will be able to implement such lives changing projects, as well.


Can be made possible: 2 candidates:
1. "Sir, already, we have the thoughts like Ganga-Kauveri Canal".
2. "Just you have to put pipelines, to reach every houses."
3. "In place of Tankers to every village, the same amount may be invested in building pipelines to reach water at every home."
4. "In earthquake prone zone, some, technology could be adopted to make it, fool proof".
5. "Complete feedback system to keep each centimetre in check, to make it fool proof from major damages."
6. "It's not much, it requires just Rs. 10,000 crores or just USD 20 to 25 billion."
7. "PWD, MNREGA, many Government departments are there, a well coordinated efforts can make it possible."
8. "Just requires a will to do it, Sir. We went to Mumbai this time and all the local dailies were crying for water supply to draught hit Maharashtra, farmers suicide, and all such things. Why can't the unemployed civil engineers be hired by Government on daily wages for 3 years and make this project successful?"

Can't be done: 7 candidates:
1. We've all kinds of contours and terrains and earth quake and all such zones. If pipeline breaks, the water will go waste.
2. In the snowy mountains of Himalayas, for 7 months it's too cold to allow water flow through pipes.
3. In Thar Desert, it's almost 60 degrees Celsius heat. Mountains of Himalaya has human presence at 6000 meters. In Sundarbans, no land. In between Delhi and Nagpur there are Vindhyachal, Satpuda ranges. From Nagpur to Bangalore there are more mountains. With nearly dried rivers, it's not possible to connect northern Himalayan rivers to south.
3. All the environment will get disturbed.
4. Life of pipeline is almost 15 years, then every 15 years with increasing prices, the pipes will have to replaced, at exorbitant costs.
5. Feasibility itself is problem for this project.
6. Water storage and passage is not like connecting roads, in fact, even golden quadrilateral, and east west corridors are not yet been made feasible projects for longer time maintenance, by people having vested interest, then? Also, all the pipelines in India will have basic content of several billion litres, and then, water above that basic level will allow it to flow. Not feasible.
7. Sir, pump, will require, more electricity and today in India Solar, Wind and other energy resources are not yet up to the mark to take this project. Already we don't have electricity at homes, industry and agricultural lands and our farmers are committing suicides, we don't thing, we should initiate project like this at massive scale.

Neutral stand: 1 candidate:
1. It's possible in case Indian's really think it's to be implemented, otherwise, it could be one more a project conceived well but died before getting implemented.
2. Another option is rationing of water, every week a family of 5 will get 1000 litre of water, is also possible.
3. Only Ganga-Kauveri, or pipeline and tap, at door step is not the solution in this era when weather goes haywire in no time.
4. Dams, smaller or micro, may be, built and water supply be ensured.
5. As there are Forest reserves, the Water Reserves, etc. may also be reality, so that purity and sanctity of water and Ganges like rivers be maintained.
6. Tight security to protect these reserves, could help it clean for decades to come, till weather becomes normal in coming year.
7. Tube wells in proximity of every 10-20-50-100-1000 houses also could solve the problem but the water table could get depleted. Thus, to every action equal and opposite reaction is there.
8. Also, it's not easy to coordinate efforts of all NGO's, Government and Private Sector organisations as they may have their vested interest as well.
9. Hence, is my neutral stand, as it requires Herculean efforts and Bhagirath's will to make every home in India getting at least a glass of clean water to drink, sitting at his own home.

Some Experts Comments:
1. It was too much narrow discussion. What we missed was, cases and best practises. Students must always be ready and well informed about all happenings around the world. Water, Electricity, Education, Commutations, Medical Emergencies, Disaster Management, Event Management, Border Issues of every country, Famine, Natural Disasters, Spirituality, Religions and Beliefs, Latest in economy and economies around the world, etc. these will always be hot topic for discussion and debate.  Hence, students should always be ready for these.
2. Question to all participants, "Do you mean, too hot desert states like Gulf countries, Israel, could not build their nations and provide water supply?"
3. Question to all participants, "Do you mean Russia, China, Europe, North America, Japan could not build the water supply to their regions in extreme cold conditions?"
4. Question to all participants, "Do you mean, where there is rain everyday, like equatorial states, like Indonesia, etc. countries, could not have built the water supply to every city?"
5. "Do you think, World Bank will not provide loans for such a worthy and demanding schemes?"
6. Question to all participants, "Do you mean, India should not use it's all worthy human resources for such a positive cause?"
7. Freedom or speech and discussion has nothing to do with political parties, nations, etc. but language should be proper and must not hurt anyone. It must be suggestion, kind of language. You may take any side, but, that doesn't mean other side should keep quite or must not express themselves.
8. Look at Japan after Tsunami, it's again normal with all the electricity and water supply functioning well. So inspite of earthquake or tsunami or snow or rain or volcano or ....Japan could stand tall.
9. Always best points that have been communicated well, wins the debate. Please, GO and PREPARE again, with all these suggestions.

Similarly, had a debate on:
1. Education at the door step of every Indian? Possible or not possible.....A Debate...
2. Electricity at every home in India? Possible or not possible.....A Debate...
3. Licence to live, free of tension? Possible or not possible.....A Debate...
4. Honest and Truthful person having trillions in his bank account. Possible or not possible.....A Debate...
5. Peaceful neighbours, around the world.... Possible or not possible.....A Debate...
6. Mumbai to New York, High Speed Train...... Possible or not possible.....A Debate...
7. Chennai to Tokyo, Delhi to Beijing, Delhi to Tehran, Delhi to Moscow, Delhi to London, Delhi to Stockhom, Chennai to Singapore, Jaipur to Tel Aviv (Desert to Dersert), Shrinagar/ Kashmir to Zurich, High Speed Trains...... Possible or not possible.....A Debate...

So many projects are left to be done and we are wasting our time in useless things. Shame on humanity.

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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