Thursday, May 09, 2013

Debate with evidence, facts and figures: "Can ethics and values be part of every big business?"

Debate with evidence, facts and figures: "Can ethics and values be part of every big business?"


Candidate 1: Not at least in telecommunication business: Just refer:

Candidate 2: Not at least in domestic drinking water supply in India: Just refer:

Candidate 3: Not at least in Insurance business: Just refer:

Candidate 4: Not at least in the World Political Business of Dominating Nations: Just refer:
Interesting article on China-India Rivalry/Frenemy :

Candidate 5: Not at least in Cell phone and Airline Tickets business: Just refer:

Candidate 6: Not at least in real estate and property business: Just refer:
Still you've to pay at least 10 to 20% more in other countries, if not in this country.

Candidate 7: Not at least in the business of higher education with so many hidden costs all around the world: It's evdent from the fact that tution fees have increased 500% from 1980's to 2010:

Candidate 8: "Sir, we have more such cases in every business, not only in India or USA or China, but from all around the world. E.g. ...

ok. ok. There is lot of negativity here. Kindly stop that.


Candidate 1:
Research and Development:
In the Medical domain: Just refer ho patients get benefited:
In the Science and Technology: Just refer how to generate energy using plasma:
Automatic furniture packing IKEAbot:
India's cheaper vaccines:

Candidate 2:
Insurance is good business: Just read:

Candidate 3:
Education is everlasting and an excellent business: Just read:
Right to Education Act: India:
Quality Education is a good business:

Candidate 4:
Consultation business: Especially advising on how to grow money:

Candidate 5:
Sports and Games, Coaching is a good business:
So many Leagues and games are there:
From Wimbledon to Australian Open Tennis, IPL, EPL, NBA, etc. from Tennis to Football, hockey to cricket, etc.

Free Internet Games business:

Candidate 6:
Property and providing homes to live is a good business:
Games are best option when there is snow all around in China, Russia and countries near north and south poles:

Candidate 7:
Drinking water supply is a good business: Just refer:

Candidate 8: Just see penetration of China and India for Cell phone and the telecommunication business is good is proved:

Candidate 9: Low cost carriers have made almost every citizen to fly: It's a good business:

Candidate 10: Politics is and will be good business very soon, as there will be balance of power as people are aware about following facts:

Candidate 11: Transportation, Taxi Services, Auto, are good business:

Candidate 12: Power Generation is a good business: You light every house and business:

Neutral Stand:
Only 1 Candidate:
Both sides are true Sir, but, I'll focus on how difficult it is to, Building Value driven organisation:
Highlights of values driven organisation:
Values can backfire:
Building high performance culture through values:
Ethical Leaders in Value Valuing organisation:
Tools to implement Values:

Internet got slow.
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