Tuesday, May 07, 2013

So many projects are left to be done. Shame on humanity as we waste time and resources in wars, corruptions and hatred.

So many projects are left to be done. Shame on humanity as we waste time and resources in wars, corruptions and hatred:

Trillions are spent on/in wars, hatred, corruption, 'fantastic businesses', with which we could have made this earth better than the heaven.

1. Wars, and hatred:
Cost of war website:
World Militray spending:
These are all available data, at least these countries publish it, we don't know what others are doing?
2. Corruption, and 'fantastic businesses':

Following challenging projects are worth mentioning:

1. Education at the door step of not only every Indian, but also Chinese, Japanese, Iranians, Americans, Russians, Ugandans, Mexicans, Argentinians, French, UK'ens, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, South Africans, Malaysians....all countries' every citizen.

2. Electricity, Water, Shelter, Food, Clothing, Education, Medication, Healthy Life Style, Job to every needy person, not only at every home in India....but, to citizens of every nation.  

3. Licence to live, free of tension? It's a birth right of all human beings and not of any specific human being....

4. Honest and Truthful person having trillions in his bank account.....it's the biggest challenge in case values have to be enliven for billions of years. I think viruses have values as they can form a crystal together, but, not human beings. Yes, viruses though living entity can form the crystal....

5. Peaceful neighbours, around the world. A big project.
In fact, I believe in border less earth. Citizens of the world, should be the norm.
Peace loving people don't like to listen, some times China-India border dispute, sometimes Falkland-UK-Argentinian border dispute, sometimes Japan-China border dispute, ....you name it and ...it is there around the world.... instead of much talk, we must Talk and Walk on/of some progress and improvement in human development index, instead of such fantastic war instigating things...in fact, humans killing humans, I feel is equivalent to cannibalism...however, I'm highly ignorant in these matters., as I don't understand politics and wars and hatred issues..but, PEACE should be part of every human beings life that's what I feel.

6. Mumbai to New York, Chennai to Tokyo, Delhi to Beijing, Delhi to Tehran, Delhi to Moscow, Delhi to London, Delhi to Stockholm, Chennai or Kolkata Singapore (from sea) or Guwahati to Singapore from land and sea via Myanmar, Jaipur to Tel Aviv (Desert to Desert), Jaiput to Tehran (Desert to Desert), Jaipur to Dubai (Desert to Desert), Srinagar/ Kashmir to Zurich (Snow to Snow), North Pole to South Pole, High Speed Trains. Why the Moscow to Tokyo train is not there? Why can't the Moscow to Vladivostok train gets extended to Japan, making it Russian-Japanese Train. Are Russia and Japan, Russia and USA, China and Japan, India and China, Pakistan and India, ...going to fight for millions of years? Why India to Bhutan, India to Myanmar, India to Malaysia, India to Afghanistan  India to Egypt, Delhi to Tashkent,  India to Sri Lanka trains were not built? Shri Ram could built the passage to Sri Lanka a million year ago but today we could not even think of it? Are we progressing or moving towards stone age? Why not Alaska to Russia road, train plan is implemented if both nations are so advanced? Are we human-beings wasting our technology advantage for hatred of each other? 

7. Medical Facility to all human beings. 100s of millions of dollars are spent on patent wars but not for inoculations and medications in poor countries/ localities. 

8. Drinking Water and Proper Shelter, Facilities to all the human beings. Shame on us even after 150 years of industrial revolution we could not do it. 

9. Human Civilisation on Earthian Moon, Mars, Titan, Europa, Small Planets between Mars and Jupiter, ... other planets, other galaxies....In fact, why can't we have space station beyond Oort Cloud? Why can't we have space station where right now voyagers are. Why we stopped going to moon after 1970's? Only landing on moon is achievement and not establishing civilisation over there? Why USA, USSR, China, India have different plans to land on moon and not capitalise on data collected by all and as a whole Humanity? Divided we'll miss best the brains been used and surrounded by people having sponsorship for narrow minded goals. Clear wastage like cold war nuclear bombs and missiles. 

10. Why we have atom bombs that are of no use now to us, and if same we would have invested on food to all campaign? 60 years of Russia and USA cold war is wasted on such issues. Please read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_War and lingering Holocaust http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_III , now they have a problem on how to dismantle and get rid off those weapons, including chemical, nuclear, biological, and other fantastic weapons. Similar repentance would be there in future. When is human being going to learn?

So much left to be done, and we waste our money on micro quarrels and make it macro quarrels, ...why we keep pending many issues? Why can't we arrive at certain conclusion on border dispute or war dispute or any issue that is killing humans, and then keep moving at fast pace? However, I declare myself "ZERO-Knowledgeable and highly ignorant" on an issue, "Why humans kill each other, on petty issues, and not spent life on building better tomorrow and live better today?" 


Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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Ramanuj said...

Human beings have done only one thing; they are capable of only one thing; destroy the earth, its natural beauty and other inhabitants.