Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poem: When will human-beings learn and help fellow humans?

When will human-beings learn and help fellow humans?

Once, we were coming from Rajasthan to Delhi,
Our, train stopped near Kirti Nagar, suburb, on red signal,
Food Corporation of India (FCI) is adjacent to it,
Millions of tones of Wheat and Rice, were kept inside the tall walls,
The stock kept out of ware houses was visible.
Some of the stock after rains, was looked to be spoilt one.
Out side the FCI, live, at least one hundred thousand poor and needy people,
One of the child was crying and asking mother, "I'm hungry give me some food."
Mother said, "Child, let, father come, bring some money, we'll buy and then I'll cook."
My heart was crying, but, water drops from my eyes got evaporated, and, suddenly the train started moving.
I had a long lasting impact of this phenomenon.
The agencies, were wasting food for not having place to store, but could not deliver it at right time and at right place to needy people.
I felt:
When will human-beings learn and help fellow humans?

Once, I happened to visit a place near the 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai,
Few beggars came in front of a Mercedes, and suddenly the security guard, scolded them, and then the beggars ran away.
After, some time, the 5 Star, people, threw, all the old food stuff on their back yard, on back side service road,
The same beggars, ran to have a taste of that 5 star food,
At that time, a reverse thing happened, the security guard simply moved away, from these, beggars.
My simple question to the Boss of 5 star hotel was, "Why don't you serve them officially, in place of throwing the food on road, are you not treating them like animals?"
I got a reply, "Go and mind your own business."
My heart again cried, but, was helpless, again.
When will human-beings learn and help the fellow humans?

Once, I happened to visit  ....

The real life stories are unlimited, and, I started feeling, if this continues for coming decade or so, then, after few years, people will not have faith on fellow human-beings.

In good old days in India,
'Atithi' means any visitor could stay at anybodies home with proper permission while passing through some city and when that person is going for longer distance,
Now, a days, even, neighbours don't trust each other.
What a shame?

Are we progressing or going backward on moral grounds all over the world?

It needs to stop somewhere.

I offer my prayer to God,

"God, let my fellow human-beings, learn the lesson, to at least help their own fellow human-beings, and let them help other species as well for co-survival and for longer existence on earth."
coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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