Sunday, May 12, 2013

My humble suggestion to Mr. Buzz / Edwin Aldrin and the whole humanity

My humble suggestion to Mr. Buzz / Edwin Aldrin and the whole humanity 

Mr. Edwin Aldrin the moon lander was in the news recently:

The News on NGC:
TOI: India can land on moon/ mars, etc. 
My concern is, why USA, India, USSR, Europe, Japan, ...have different plans? Why not all humanity plan unitedly to go to other planets and beyond? It's shame, viruses can live together and survive for billions of years but not human-beings.

I'm also surprised that Scientists are NOT accepting, the fact that, there cannot be only one Universe, there must be Multiple or Multi Billion Universes. This, is also one problem.

Let's go to places at least in our Solar System, then other Galaxies and then other places in our Universe and then to Multi-Verse and build our human civilizations there without disturbing the basic habitat/ culture/ civilization if any and ecology of that planet/ place. I think unitedly it's possible, divided and we'll be short of reaching there on time.

To support my opinion I had conducted the poll on my blog in 2007 itself in which more than 66% people around the world, have agreed on this issue.
Just have a look:

...Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India 

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