Sunday, September 06, 2015

"Can I put a "dash" on Visa form over religion, category, ... Asian... kinds of things?"... "No" was the answer in all states I travelled

In 1982, as a child, I asked this question to an IAS officer, when he was checking my date of birth, and other certificates in Zilla Parishad, Nagpur and other IAS officer in 1985 and then in 1987, also, I asked this question, "Can I put a "dash" on caste, religion, category, ... Asian... kinds of things on form?" Next I asked, them, "Why can't I belong to all the castes at a time s a human being and all the religions at a time and what's wrong in putting dash on caste?"
The answer given to me was almost ditto/ similar, "Do you think you're above all these things?" ....and finally it went to, "What do you think of yourself?" and ultimately, "Jyada Shayana ban raha hai kya?" Meaning, "Don't be over-smart." However, I went on to say, "I'm not over smart but I'm trying to reduce over-smartness by putting myself ineligible for caste advantage......"..... They laughed but...

During lot of government job applications too I asked the same question and in fact was rejected even at the top places for putting dash on it. Hence, since 1995, I rejected to work with Government firms and even did not appear for IAS exam as that exam itself started with such forms. At some places, I applied but kept the this point blank... rest of things I've written about the draconian ways they invite applications at other places like they wanted 7 applications copy...of every paper and publications... which could go up to 5000 X 7 = 35000 pages.... long may not live such things in any country.... 
Recently, I asked the same question for my daughters' admission, this time the answer was similar but diplomatic. 
In 1992, during ASEAN visit, my question was rejected by Visa officer for writing Asian, Indian, etc. In 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 my question was rejected in Canadian, USA, Hungarian, Australian, New Zealand, UK, Russia, German, Japanese, UAE, etc. .... visa authorities. 
Also, while we fly, and in case they ask for food preference, what this question has to do in globalized world? As, in case we say in globalized world few of the people in Metros (Metro-city) in / on any continent have similar tastes for food or living style, then why these questions?
The corollary is also true, why governments and imperialistic minds try to divide and rule people?
For this question, once, Mr. Kolhatkar, my friend's father said, "You'll excel like anything in your life my child.....once I went from that IAS officer with my mother and then we followed to Bank and my mother was trying to tell, "Do not ask such questions to such authorities who don't have heart or who don't care or .... who don't have authority itself to answer this question." Then, I asked my mother, "Why do they create such decorative places and positions then? If an IAS officer can't take such decisions then why are they created like stamp paper? Are they there just to sign which ever form comes to them? A peon can do that, IAS and graduation is not required for that." .... Mr. Kolhatkar was laughing at it and ... felt... at 12, I Was more learned than any IAS officer at that time. I asked him, "You work in Government, why don't you people raise such questions to Governments, why should you people have fear?" He said, "It's not fear, it's respect to officers that we don't question their authority. Also, once you are in job, you've to keep your head down boy, you'll understand this when you'll grow up..." ..... Now it was my time, at this, I was laughing....
When my child asks me such or any scientific question, I try to answer it, if I don't know I google it ans answer them... I say, "I'm not authority. I'm also student like you, of almighty, let's find it together."
Why such forms are not flexible, except for few basic things? Till what time it will continue? 
Frankly, I didn't like this world on this front.... artificial racism. I don't think God has created this world with racism it was pure, we humans have divided this world with selfish motives and for the benefits of classes than masses forever.
Can any President, PM, Chancellor, UNO's UNSG..... answer my this question and implement it? Otherwise, in 2500 A.D. my super-grand-children will have same questions and problems in front of them, and this time it will be, we humans at present generation, who will be responsible for it......
Aum. Amin. Amen.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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