Sunday, September 06, 2015

99% houses in good locality of Nagpur, have seen their children migrating due to lack of opportunity

Scenario after 12 years is the same, in Nagpur, it's not personal but a general article and not a blame game but facts and figures and scenarios, as I'm well wisher of this world:
1. 99% of houses in good locality of Nagpur have seen children studying here and going for job in Mumbai and Pune or somewhere in USA. Of course, I'm talking about job seekers with varying skills and qualifications....Most of the mothers and grand mothers request us to stay put where ever you are, the people here who are holding money and power have no value for you.....
2. Even after 35 years, 99% VNIT, LIT, or good institution prepare for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, CAT... in 3rd year and migrate. Height is even if NIT, IIT or IIM's are there in many places, they do not work for development of that region.... fact still is the same. They still talk big, but for themselves and not for the place, fearing they will not get a job, or it's a waste of time. 
3. Only few, who remained here to serve nation, ....etc. have faded away their past glory. They talk in the exactly opposite way that I was told in Americas, "Leave within 1 year or you will get trapped in Makadjaal/ spider-net here. 
4. Nagpur has the biggest 5 star Industrial Area in Butibori in Asia 'but the Industry'. Imperialism of Pune and Mumbai is still there, (with due respect), and Industry have been regularly siphoned off towards Western Maharashtra. 
5. Despite, Nagpur is the Tiger Capital of India, despite Nagpur is the Second political capital of India after Delhi, despite Dhantoli where I live have Guinness Book of world records have the highest density of Doctors in the world, despite Times of India rates it to be the best city to live in India, despite having the biggest industrial area in Asia and the MIHAN the biggest Cargo hub in Asia, despite the biggest armed factories and ordinance stories near Nagpur, despite having the best Engineering and Management Institutes in India, despite having the biggest coal reserves in India, despite the 30% of thermal power plants are located around Nagpur in India, despite having all the India's gold reserve put up in the Nagpur branch of RBI, despite having the most number of stone and metal statues and people taking care on each road and square, despite having the most caring people living together and absolute peace at all the times, despite having the greenest city in India, despite having the central location in India, despite having the cleanest city tag in India, having the roads and infra pretty best but not attracting may be so called myopic Industrialists or due to hidden anti stand and apathy of government towards Vidarbha area or ....God knows....
6. Though Nagpur and Vidarbha has provided or groomed the number 1 National Leaders of both giant political parities' Pratham Guru i.e RSS founder Dr. Keshav Balirampant Hedgewar on whose ideology BJP is working and but of course, Adv. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi), on whose ideology Indian National Congress Party works, still the followers have always sabotaged the Nagpur, Wardha, Sevagram, Amaravati, and the whole Vidarbha area due to various reasons, hence, since 68 years of independence, none could make Nagpur the 3rd global city next to New York and London as predicted by BBC and many Supply Chain gurus, who tried to say, make Nagpur as hub and rest of Indian cities as spoke. 
On this, once, a Pune person said, "People living in small cities think their city is the biggest, they are foolish and live in frog in the well class mentality."
On this he was cracked hopelessly by a person from a Bangalore. 
He said, "I was here in 1972, people used to say, I want job near my drawing room door, school of children at / near back door, my grocery shop adjustment to it, the mentality still same in Pune? It has happened  in 2006 too, and looking at the way you're talking shall I confirmed it still today the same. Please note boy if mentality remains the same, the way you're speaking whole Maharashtra will face shortage of industry except this imperialistic mind set minded Pune and Mumbai area, none is talking Nagpur is big or this city is big, why hurting personally to these people? Come on Bangalore is bigger than Pune, hence, I'm intervening."
It's still true in 2015, the imperialistic mindset is the problem for India since last 2 to 3 thousand years, whether it's Congress Mentality to rule India by appointing 12 top Ministers studied in Foreign countries and keeping a huge communication gap between common man and ministers; or; whether Pune and Mumbaikars want everything near their houses; or; Britishers ideology to rule India; or; some Kings striving for their own comfort than civilian/ common man's comforts; or; favoring only few cities in India to grow and others not; or; I'm minster from this constituency and it should look 5 star but, just 100 meters from it the villages remain high and dry; or; I'm big leader than this and that or petty personal politics or ego or apathy of government bodies.... Trust me if everyone gets decent jobs according to his skills and qualifications the negativity will reduce in this world.....corollary is also true... as happening in the backward area.... meaning it's a artificially created negativity due to this imperialistic mindset that benefit only their family and favorable people, their land or nearby area and scarves the other regions/ cities/ countries/ worlds. 
Finally, I always say, India is ruled by God and no governments rule it. It's true for the whole world too. We'll slowly and silently keep contributing to the society and leave this world naturally may be today, tomorrow or 100 years later, but, we'll keep contributing to this world for its betterment. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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