Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Why ideal people are hated during their life time even banished, or killed;and later are worshiped?

You take example of Sant Dnyaneshwar, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Socratic, Jesus Chirst, even Prabhu Ramchandra, .... list is unending...
Why human civilization, systems, procedures, offices, work culture are such that it never supports the honest, truthful and godly and saintly people? 
My question is, why some one like Lincoln has to apply for several times and fight election and to become President of USA , why could not the wise people realized his potentials? Why was he killed? Are we moving towards ...???
Gandhiji was hated by few people, now, there is no end to movies on him winning accolades and Gandhigiri kind of things, people follow it for few days and later?????
Why the society hates ideal people?
Once, I went for an interview, some one said, "He is too idealistic, in fact ideal personality, ... not fit for this job...we want someone else..." Since, then, I was thinking on it. Then he offered me tea, coffee, and asked in lighter vein what about.....soft...hot drink and parties?" I said, "I don't take this, my work itself is Ganga/ water and Amrit/ milk for me, and of course, these are the only drink-worthy liquids and I don't go to party for wasting time, in that place, I read or write or spend time with family. Why party is needed, if it's an organisation we should meet in office, and if wavelengths matches with my family our families can meet or a family meet for the whole organisation is also enough. Then he said, "You're  not fit for this organisation." .......Later on I worked in UPES at VP level, and ... later...when I had meeting with that person, "How can company like UPES select you as VP, didn't they got anyone better?" I just said, "They looked at what professionally I can do for them and not asked me whether....". Later he said, "But of course they might have hired you at peanuts...at Assistant Professor level and let you boast outside." I said, "No, I'm full fledged Professor, and my family needs are less..."... Then, I told him I was also Director in Rai University, Bangalore campus, but, had no problem, in Symbiosis International University, and in Alliance University or even in Canada, there was no problem... I think, you've to rethink the value system to survive in globalized work culture, where some takes coffee, ...milk,....mineral water, ...go to party or don't go to party, ...etc. We have worked with them and accommodated them, plurality is life. 
We are too humble before giants I have mentioned here, but, just compare, same things have happened with Dnyaneshwar Maharaj he had to prove something below his par, .... and then society accepted him... but frankly this world is so fantastic he had to attain the Sanjivan Samadhi....However, when he was alive not even a million people followed him, but, now.....multi-millions follow him...even demand to let their wishes come true... that's the problem with the society and the whole political and world system in this world. 
So question was same 1000 years ago, 100 years ago and even 100 seconds ago, why ideal people, are hated....and have been kicked out of families, societies and organisations and even from Nations and some of them are now been worshiped...?
Gandhiji was even killed....rest lot of things have been written about him... Secrete  had to drink hemlock poison, Jesus ....was crucified... Most important thing is people who heard, made it unheard, ......were / are equally responsible for not raising voices at that time and hence even after 2000 years we're facing similar problems. 
Prabhu Ramchandra was even banished...if you think mortally he was banished from family and kingdom of whom he was to be the King...and was trying to find limitations of human life...and live within that, even though he had unlimited powers....was trying to help humans.
Why some one taking stand of our own human society is killed, hated, banished, kicked out, .... 
Dr.Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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