Friday, September 25, 2015

Recent Observations about new projects that are not generating jobs in India

As all are aware, we keep visiting places for updating knowledge and keeping students/ children aware about new happenings and about new projects up dates.
In the year 2000 we went to a place where a new project was going on. All the employees were retired from either government or from other places. The senior came and asked to speed up the project.... What I heard from one employees was classical, "They appoint us here for peanuts and after our retirement and now they expect us to run the business... which they can't do..."... "We can guide to new generation but they are not appointing new trained people of young generation who can handle this....why the **** they show off?"... Finally, what he said is also true, "This project can generate at least 1000 direct and 10000 indirect jobs, but if taken logically seriously and really for the welfare of the society....we're all seniors and we expect the same at his age..."we" ....should be treated as consultant than the actual fact we can run horses if they give us people like you Ashish....and complete project even at half the time...and may be reduced resources.... God help this country..."
In the year 2015.... situation is the same....those seniors said..... God bless this world...Aum...Amin... Amen.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India. 

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