Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Here after only those economies will survive and sustain which can create multi-million, in fact billions of jobs and let them sustain

Here after only those economies will survive and sustain which can create multi-million, in fact billions of jobs and let them sustain:
I was in DataPro in 1999-2000 A.D. when it suffered a 500 million loss and when we got lay off. 
The news among my friends and family spread, that, he has got lay off.
Someone said, "Waah bhai Ashish you got lay off.... you deserve it? You should get better prize than it...." When I told him, what is lay off, he said, "Sorry." None in the government departments working around in Pune understood  what's it? Also, at that time, there were few organisations and jobs were less.... So, one of the uncle, said, "Ashish, if you really need job go on the railway station and do labor work." I said, "Done, there is nothing wrong in it, work is work for me."
Next day, I went to Railway station, demanded a work to the boss there... he asked, "Not seen here you boy here...." I said, "Uncle, I lost my job and hence to feed myself at least than my family I'm here." He said, "You seem to be quite learned boy." I told him about it. He said, "Boy if you do this work then what about children who cannot study after 10th grade/ class? Where should they get job, if you people start capturing such jobs?.... Please leave such jobs for them..." I said, "Ok, uncle, " and left.... the Pune Railway Station and went and told this fact to Uncle who suggested me to try this.....
Came home....to Nagpur to meet my family, one person said, "You might not be working hence got lay off?" I told him, "In that case note is working in my company as everyone got lay off..." I had to explain how we got lay off...
Then in the economic down fall, went on to apply for job to 11000 organisations...got a call from few, but preferred Ph.D. after Doctorate, Symbi called but by that time, I went on to understand the real life at every level in society....billionaire family to penury ridden families.
Durin Doctorate, for surveys and studies, and to understand the life and management subject well, went to more than 5000 organisations around the world, may it be public sector, private sector, NGO, SHO, this and that... recorded data of more than 2200 of them.... understood how really the life goes on in a real laborer's life, junior workers, middle level managers, CEO's and owners of the companies. Seen good owners, bad owners, equally well. 
Some times felt this world is not fare, not just, not worth living for many in the human society...felt why everyone should not get proper "Sanskar", education, for life worth living? ... The most painful day in my life was...when...I had seen children running for the same food for which even dogs were running to get once thrown out of 5 star hotel in Mumbai, .....when asked came to know.....their parents got lay-off in one company shut down, ...Had seen highly skilled labors became job less as they had spent their whole life doing one kind of work/ job and those skills were worthless then....at the age of 55 when whole family was dependent on them, ... had seen students of the age of 60 learning software to get job to feed family, .... sometimes felt this world is cruel to them...have seen people engrossed in bad to worst activities after the job loss.....what is job loss and how it affects the families was great experience....
In fact, I claim, here after only those economies will survive which can create multi-million in fact billions of jobs and let them sustain, otherwise, billion to trillion to quadrillion is of no use to humankind going into only few hands. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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