Sunday, September 27, 2015

Without 100% literacy (Formal+ Informal+Moral), skills development, and awareness about rights and policies, 100% eradication of poverty is impossible

"Without 100% literacy (Formal+ Informal+ Moral), skills development, and awareness about rights and policies, 100% eradication of poverty is impossible", once in World Bank discussion I raised this point, and 101% agreed on it. You'll ask who is this 1% extra? These are the people who always criticize me for such thoughts. 
I always call such education s complete education or 100% education....but people laugh at me...and say none can be 100% literate then...then In say, "I'm 0.001% literate then..." because, I/ We/ All human beings can't achieve 100% literacy the main cause of poverty and which is our total human failure... ultimately also 0.001% people are billionaire means, financially they are the only successful people and we're what one taunt/ nasty comment, one of my friend directed to me after my MBA....later he said, "You're going to make such financially successful people more successful with your all education, awareness, skills....than truly contributing for society....". For a moment, all MBA's got stunned at this....out of the world comment...taunt...
Once, at our home, our maid aunt's son was to be taught for something, the child said, that, he'll learn up to 10th grade. He did. Later, he decided to go for a business of construction, my father told him, "First undergo formal training, here is fees....". The person, went for training and now he is doing well. Later, the child understood the policies of government and bank loans, etc. financial training, now he is truly successful. He is not the only person who has got fees from our home, his elder sister got similar treatment from our joint family, now she is well settled in Mumbai. The point is, formal education is must, informally the etiquette are also important, and moral education to lead a better citizenship live is also important. Till, now, we counted how many our family have helped since my birth, and we were laughing at this exercise, as one person said, "Inclusive growth is not charity to us..."..... Even if we give away, just 5% of our salary for such cause every month, our family have helped more than 5000 people till now.... 
Inclusive growth is including people in your joy. When you're happy or achieve something, in place of celebrating we give same amount of money to needy person. Last time, when I got "Exceptional" employee from UPES in 2013, my father donated a tricycle to physically challenged person. It costed just INR 3000+. We could feel and look at the joy of that person who could move to places though he was physically challenged....we felt.....Unlimited joy, satisfaction, achievement, success....yes... we feel in our heart, soul and brain. Now, he said, "My poverty will be lessened due to this movement, as, now, I can move and bring more handicraft work that I do and expert in." It's true, if you look at his drawings, paintings, and embroidery, and bamboo work, none can say it's done by physically challenged person, it's so clean and sheen. After, an year, when someone told him about the government job that he can get due to his degree he hold, he said, "Better, I be independent than every day show-off from people for compassion from so many walks of life at public places. At least I have become independent now". On phone his relative said, "Thanks to your father."
However, it's been a fact, that, most of the government policies do not reach to ears of people who need it. Last time, in 2008, we wrote an article on Farmers and Agrarians in Vidarbha and how and why they are committing suicides....most of the times, it's due to either illiteracy or due to un-awareness about most of the latest Techniques/ skills/ knowledge/ policies was one of the conclusion. 
Already in the year 2000, I've included 1 complete chapter on how to develop skills in the field of Automobile Sector...similar things are possible everywhere right from agrarian field to rocket science to space age.... My UNESCO paper deals with it only. 
In place of blaming backward region or people or places or communities, if this opportunity is been converted in practical reality with 100% success with 100% result, then, only poverty can be eradicated otherwise, after 100 years my Grand....g...g....g...children will talk about poverty irradiation, 100% to all to all....right to education....right to this and that....this is charity as well as business opportunity as well.
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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