Sunday, September 27, 2015

Don't you have good experience in/ from big/small cities and places?.....A question...immaterial to global citizen and humane human like us...

My own sister asked me, "Don't you have good experience in/ from big cities and places?" 
We were laughing at this question...
"Have you seen "Tom and Jerry", the mouse goes to New York and ....after...lot of smashes comes back to home, sweet home?"....she said, "Yes."
From all over the world, every where mixed people offer you mixed experience. 
In Toronto, once, I had a pass, and was seating on front chair, but, as it was Sunday, I kept seating till the Bus went the last stop.... the Driver said, "Last, stop...."... I said, "Please don't mind, I'll be going back with same bus, on same place....". He was laughing....
In Budapest, once, I had one day left after UNESCO conference, and went for the ride in their metro/ tube, holding a weekly pass. I went from one corner to other corner...., after, 12 pm I slept on the chair after watching beautiful scenery... At around 4 pm driver came and saw me...asked, "Where ..are ....from?" broken English.... I said, "India." ... "Will be going to Budapest."
"Ok. Keep seating near driver's seat, ....I'm going up the hill as there is halt of 30 minutes, I stay up there, you may come...." . Still, I hold my place, and then he suggested to get down at particular place that was walking distance from our place of stay. 
Once, I went to a place in Sahyadri for a work, in the dead of the night, our bus failed near one village. A small truck man came to our help... so what villagers are always first to help and in community living.. they are the best. What village and what metro...all places are ok for us. 
In Mumbai, in the 1998, during one major mishap we had to leave the Local Trains....I walked from Dadar to Mulund, ....while searching for job, I came to you......and at every place, people on the streets offered ....a Samosa, Vada-Pav, Water free of cost....when I said, "I'm going to Mulund...the farthest place among others...others let me get the Samosa first...." . I kept walking...."Do you remember, I came at 11:55 pm in the night that day after walking 29.5 kilometers right from 5:30 pm?"....
On 26th July, there was flood even in bus literally floated on Sangam Bridge....then we got down. I walked 23 Kilometers and reached Software Technology Park Hinjewadi where I was placed in Symbiosis-SCMHRD, Puneites were not kind enough to tell even the address.... 
After a while, she said, "Not such. Really good experience."
"You people don't have heart...why should I tell you?" Me. 
"It's not like that, we also have heart but not time....." Sister.
"Don't tell me that....people who have heart also have time to do the things they like...except you Mumbai, Pune and New York people....". I said, jokingly. 
At this, she got irritated, people have changed since a days, the socialization is again back at every place...every colony....chawl...are getting united....Yes we agree there was time, when, even, neighbor didn't know who the neighbor is and what he looks like and what did he at.....
Finally, I said, "Ok. if got a job there will come, otherwise, Dehradun is good or Nagpur is good...or Mumbai or Pune or New York, or I don't mind working in fast pace life or slow pace life or village, or town or city or jungle or high place or low place or these people or those people...ultimately it depends on oneself you're aware...we're fit to live at any place on earth of beyond."
Hope, you know we're beyond all these things....we're universal citizen and humane human, good or's all part of life.
She said, "I agree."
Then only this discussion stopped. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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