Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why every achievement and success, and failure, and in-decision, has lot of stakeholders? ... Lighter but true side of life

Once, our neighbor scored 95% marks and 1st rank in the class and school. As a child he said, "I studied so I scored and how much I worked hard do you know?"
Immediately, other child said, "Hey don't forget us, we never disturbed you while studying (we laughed)",...."Your mother cooked food that you ate and survived (we laughed)", ....other child...."Once I brought medicines when you're ill, and don't forget...once you fell down and got hurt your sister came and helped you to doctor and I was the one who drove the cycle...." (we laughed). Other person said, "Do you remember, when, you fell inside the tank, Ashish hold your legs and then we pulled out..thanks to Ashish for his alertness.....otherwise you would have drowned..." (we laughed)....Sister got added, "Hey don't forget father...he paid your fees...and grand father ...sometimes he scolded you for studies.....and grand mother for giving you your delicious snacks.....and "....we laughed and laughed, again and again....
Finally, the child said, "Thank you all, because of you, I stood first in the school," and prostrated (sashtang dandavat) before all..."
That's the true reality of life, Success has so many takers. 
Later, once, one among the child failed in his, half yearly examinations.... all those who were there on above occasion were there. However, none, claimed they have a stake in failure, as one has to study for himself...with his own devotion....then only he can be successful like the above case....
Imagine, in intellectual battle...a hot discussion started...why success has so many takers but not failures? Why can't a person claim, that, we agree you like to study in the evening and we called you literally lifted you for playing cricket...etc.  All agreed...Failures also have so many stakeholders. 
Later once, we had a catch 22 situation, and I took a decision to play football in the night of Kojagiri full moon day, none supported me that year....and ..there was no decision on the same......Next year, we played football in the dead night on full moon day of kojagiri night, and before we played we washed the white and shining football, it looked amazing ans we played for hours...great...experience and later....every year it was a great joy of playing football in full moon night of Kojagiri....once, I said, "If we had played that year too,....". Some one said, "We all are responsible for not supporting that decision...."
Thus, in, indecision also there are so many stakeholders but all have to be honest and truthful to themselves, for that. In this case, all were, are, and will be due to the training/s, and grooming, we got in this locality since childhood. 
Later with wise men sitting together, this world can be made, a truly great place to live for everyone and forever. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur @ Home, India

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