Friday, September 25, 2015

People who suggest us something for betterment, cannot be called as enemies, in fact, sometimes they are the best friends of us, who care for us.

After reading my comments like White Parasite on certain government agencies, my relative asked me don't you have good experience with these entities?
The relative was from Mumbai. I told the person, "Look, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dhaka, Male, Some of the islands in  Hawai are gong to be drowned after may be 200 years, ....and if I write that we should start preparation for that right from now, it doesn't mean I'm against Mumbai or these places, these are the predictions of the Geological Scientists. Similarly, in case today few states/ countries are declared as failure states even if UNO kinds of organisations are there, if I write UNO can be called Ivory Tower or can become White Parasite is in that connection may be after 200 case they don't take action doesn't mean I'm against them. Look in one organisation my job was to create foolproof system as much as I can, and I invited open discussions and "find out mistake" kinds of chain of emails. Later, I used to collect all mistakes and prepare a strong Standard Operating Procedure, and we were successful due to this collective efforts.... and I'm writing after finding out solution over it...and facing such fighting the fire situation....
Also, now you're asking me good experiences, look at the World Bank discussions, they include my questions as I'm worried about this world and I feel in future, next generation should not blame us....imagine...200 years later our grand.....g...g....g...grand children blame us for not raising such issues...better prepared and making a fool proof plan of implementation for welfare of 100% human beings on earth and beyond...broadminded .... they are accepting my 25% questions even if I doubt our/ their common wisdom ...of human beings still my job and contribution to them and society is's more a contribution than blame game....they also understand this..... WB kinds of Governments are also required around the world....In 2008, I wrote that India must plan for 25 Gold Medals in Olympics after ....2016 Olympics, had any one replied to it from Government agencies? No. Had anyone from IIM, IIT called me? No. ... Then who is better? Obviously The, World Bank, as they accept the comments against their project implementation faults, as the suggestion for their own betterment....Come on, if each individual has to up grade, then Government agencies also have to upgrade...even though I'm common man they must listen to me/ us...otherwise it's not democracy but fake democracy.... The person said, "Hey stop that....".
Coming to my experience with some state agencies.... when there was fault in one aircraft in Moscow....the government sent an aircraft from state carrier .... Aeroflot once...In India, once there were 3  people naming Ashish were travelling in Delhi - Pune luggage went to Lucknow with connecting flight when I got luggage was brought by Indian Airlines within 12 hours at my home...About Indian Railways I don't have a single complaint yet except when I traveled in general bogies during job losses and in India with such a huge population it's a common thing...we're not dropped from heavens, we're also common men... In state buses I had no problem, with LIC, NIC, Indian Post, SBI, Power Supply in Nagpur, Roads in Nagpur, Water Supply in Nagpur...we have not problem till and as of now. Also, many a times we see lot of poor, beggars, physically challenged people on streets, I've seen, experienced and contributed certain places of trust, where, these people have been helped to come out of their dependency.....only problem is number is huge...and time, resources and willing people are less..due to their own so called busy schedule.... They'll talk for 2 hours on phone, on silly issues but..they don't have includes you as well....why do I waste my time? In case life is 100 years and we spend just 1 hour per day on such things..still we have no more than 3000 hours to contribute to society as actual work....if you minus travelling time, convincing time to people.... the person laughed a lot. 
Lastly, I'm one of the person who got Car Driving Licence at INR 15 (Fifteen) or 1/4th USD. Are you forgetting? I went for the test...and got it after 7 days....if it's not ready they may call once or twice it for Rs. 15/= that's the reality...unlike stories from many people...patience and perseverance pays...
People who suggest us something for betterment, may be personally in public or private about us or for the state cannot be called as enemies, in fact, sometimes they are the best friends of us...may it be Monarchy, Anarchy, Democracy or Communism or this and that case such suggestions are taken seriously and solutions are found out and implemented then this world is....not less than heaven...
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India. 

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