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Direct Democracy Vs. Only one person can be the leader meaning, doubting God's own creation-Humanbeing's abilities: 1987, Discussion

Direct Democracy Vs. Only one person can be the leader meaning, doubting God's own creation-Humanbeing's abilities: 1987, Discussion:
Once multi polar, viewed discussion was on....
In direct democracy, each one and everyone is important. In it theoretically, only one leader as a person is not VIP all are VIP. 
Philosophically also, why at all importance to only one person be there, when, everyone reveals Shiva (i.e. every soul is representative of Lord Shiva) himself? 
The debate continued.
Are you talking communism? It failed as skills of every person are different and without creativity and achievement and feeling of something, "I've done this and that.." humans are not encouraged....
Democracy will also fail....because many a times at least one leader is required to be bold and strong enough to lead from front and sacrifice or fight with negative forces....
Anti stand said, "Why can't all of us fight and take wiser decision by involving everyone..."
The googly man said, "Not every one can devote his life or such decision and be part of government, hence, some people have to be representative...."
However, the hard hitter man said, "The representative democracy has destroyed India as people have ways to become leader by playing with rules and regulations and......."
One old man said, "Boys, I know better leader than all you have seen till date....but...they have gone out of public domain and are living saintly life alone in Himalayas.... as they felt 50 years ago was not right time..."
I objected, "When will there be right time Grand-fathers and uncles.... at that time ...when 100 odd countries going into the hands of negative people?.... or when they capture half of the countries and destroy their economies and even steal away atom bombs?  ... why do we keep talking why can't we take decision and do something? If seniors like you just raise one voice there are millions who will come forward to make this world right....Today in 1987.... the corruption is so rampant and if you people have had stopped this in 195o's itself...the rampant corruption would not have been there....Do you know I'm not appearing for IAS exams because the fixers are there and I don't want to go into Government jobs...and I know many in VRCE ( Today's VNIT) who are preparing for GRE and TOEFL, to go to USA for studies and for settlement due to your indecision...Do you know they start this preparations in 2nd year of engineering itself....if all these intelligent students leave then? By 2000 AD none of my classmate you'll find living in India...except me."
"Do you know another side to this, is, you're making India unlivable for us...." "Also,  irrespective of caste and creed and religion....There are my friends namely Daniel, Anand, Javed, Vaibhav, ... all...are going for USA and I know them they are 100%'ers, we can imagine what IIT'ens and IIM's are doing may be a teenager I'm worried about this world."... (Lot of people laughed...)
..... You teach Chanakya, this and that... but why can't a strong vigilant department be there to let India be governed properly.... doesn't our leaders in the Municipal Corporations,  State Assembly or Parliamentarian leaders review every morning what they are going to do that day...aren't they taking "Guptachar" reviews about situations around, aren't they making every project lead to completion...? In case they are not trained to govern honestly and truthfully for the benefit of nation/ humanity, then why are they made leaders?"
Why can't we have democracy where each person represent the government and not fantastic leaders? Are we doubting the best creation of God that's the ability of every human being? 
Grand pa, one of my friend's aunt had a talk with PM of Switzerland in the Bus...when she visited the place. Why can't our PM travel in the Bus...or local trains and walk with the common man? Why they are given so much undue importance? Why film-star is given more importance than a very-good doctor who saves lives of many?....Why importance is not given to soldier sacrificing on border but the "CM or PM catches the cold" kinds of news?.... I had shown him that news on that day in one of the national daily. 
... At this the grand pa asked me to wait and said, "Just wait....we know, what you're saying...we'll do something least convey the agony of simple citizens of India like you to higher authorities in governments and political parties and places....of importance, because at least you talk in public or even in debates, others are afraid of jobs or family or this or that...we know we're not living for ourselves, (including you my boy), or for only for our families we're living for society... we've lived here we'll give back to society before we die, that's for sure."
Thanks to all those strong leaders.....imagine everyone had the capability to lead the world....but just that grand pa was the oldest one he was revered and everyone listened to him carefully....that's Indian culture....which teaches patience and perseverance and respect to olders...elders.... and what not since millions of years. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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