Sunday, September 06, 2015

Fear of losing knowledge, skills, power and authority, money: Typical Imperialistic high handedness

A few years ago, we're at workplace, and were talking about giving away whatever we have. I said, I'm willing to give what ever I have, knowledge, skills, power, authority, money.... I did and was happy, said, "Maja aa gaya" i.e. "So happy to willingly give something with whole heart-edly, with full capacity of brain and with whole of the soul for betterment of the society....."
Someone even said, "They are exploiting you, and they are treating you as monkey and you're working for peanuts". .... Few said, "You've done 5 years job in 1 year....." etc. However, willingly I was trying to learn more by giving more. I've seen happy face of god after I gave away last drop/ penny/ ... I had. 
However, when it came to some others. 
First person said, " I can't give away my knowledge, if I lose my knowledge none will come to me."..... First time in life, I heard, we lose knowledge but giving fact, it increases many folds after giving away...but...we're helpless...
Second person felt same-thing for his power, third for his wealth, fourth for his skills, ..... list continued. 
Even, later; I left that place, seeing at the end of the life somehow I've to give away these things then why not now? Let's try it now....  
I'm happy to do all this and my family is also happy, however, the people I left keep calling..... Why and how should it happen?
Imagine, if everyone gives sometime for the society in hey days, as well as after retirement, what change they can make in society? 
I  had one research paper on it, if everyone with his 1% of wealth can create and change someone's life positively, and, they will not have fear of losing but the world will be different....
If everyone, teaches skills not only to his/ her family but to needy and capable ones, there will be more employment generations.....
I know few organisations that work for physically challenged people, the first generation worked hard, however, their all children got settled in USA, also, these people were busy in so much politics that others who really wanted to contribute, were already ran away, now...... none.... absolutely none are coming to take initiative due to the word that has got leaked out about imperialistic mind set, high handedness, ....we want our community person to lead....we want such person, such-such person.... etc. 
Thus, if powerful people instead of wasting time in petty things, do accommodate more and do succession planing with good and able people then leadership vacuum that many political parties, corporate, academicians,  organisations, institutes, SHO, NGO, Public Sector, families, business conglomerates, governments, .... etc. are facing and will face ......will not be there. 
Same with knowledge and other things.
Ex. About knowledge, Trust me, what ever knowledge is on Google.. or on internet..... it's not even a drop in the ocean of knowledge... is my experience.. hence this effort...
Aum. Amin. Amen. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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