Monday, August 31, 2015

On One Rank, One Pension (OROP), Solution to Indian Military Forces

On One Rank, One Pension (OROP), Solution to Indian Military Forces
My father went for the 1971 war, and when he came back, I said to my mother, as a child, "Uncle has come." Mother cried and said, "He is your father."
He was just a Territory Army man, but, fought war as a full soldier.
Now, with this simple sacrificing background, I have few words. 
My grand father was freedom fighter, and he literally gave away his all wealth for Indian freedom. However, after freedom, he was going to get the freedom fighter's pension. It was heard that it was approved, but, none in the government knew, where his pension had gone till 1988. The whole family lived in penury. What was the department doing, can't they have simple check on it?
Now, coming to OROP, India boasts on its Software Industry, sitting at my home I can design a software with just few soldiers and few software Engineers a ... software for OROP, why couldn't any government could do it since 1995? Also, what kind of message we're giving to next generation, that, we don't recognize our soldiers who sacrifice lives for their nation? 
Look at the parliament, this session went 'waste' on vested interest of few. Why couldn't the decision was taken this time, if they talk so much why can't they do a bit?
OROP, proves there is discrimination among the sacrifice of the soldiers is also there, when the soldiers are selected on the merit basis and even though each and everyone try to fight and sacrifice for the nation at any moment in their lives.
Looking at all these show-offs, many of my friends do not treat Business men, Politicians, Film stars, ..... or anyone dominating or becoming famous on media as true hero or true heroines in their lives, for them these soldiers who sacrifice for the nation are true hero heroins. For them the people like my father who earns just Rs. 6000 as pension but who gives away Rs. 18000/- special cart to physically challenged people is hero, for them, an uncle who feeds street dogs everyday is hero, for them, Major Unnikrishnan, Major Batra, are true hero, for them a grand mother who earns her lively-hood at the age of 88 by selling dailies is an heroin, .... the soldiers who are using Jaipur feet are hero, ranked above any super star making billions, .... I think, if quick action is not taken, all Governments, UNO, World Bank, WEF, .... if can't reach to masses and classes both, they, will become white elephants, and there are many such organisations around the world. The next stage would be these organisations may become 'white collar parasites' to whole of the societies, OROP is proving that. 
I'm well wisher of this world, UNO, WEF, WB, all governments hence.... this reality check, and hence also this is a wisdom check of / for all of us....
It's a wake up call, as I always say for human civilization. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, 

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