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"Sir, but, we would like to migrate to rich and developed nation, where there is a system, unlike in our country," few students, on contrasting views

"Sir, but, we would like to migrate to rich and developed nation, where there is a system, unlike in our country," few students, on contrasting views:

Once, I told this incidence,
few agreed, however, few opposed.
 They had contrasting views.
"Sir, what kinds of values you're talking? The unity in family is vanishing even in India. Where is the system? You are from Maharashtra and you've Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad like places for good jobs, how about us? In our state not even our capital city matches the 10th rank city of Maharashtra. We would like to migrate to nations like New-Zealand or Australia or USA or European nations or even to Canada or any best country to live and do job or business. What kind of system we have, corrupt becomes rich in India, politicians grow geometrically in their lives and grab wealth which even their 100th generation can't digest. What kind of system are you are talking about, where are values? Money speaks from every angle, power speaks from every direction, they talk about eradication of poverty have they been able to achieve it? It's not charity, politics is most profit making business in India. We've seen government of every party, BJP, Congress.....but our city never changes....our state never changes..."

"Ok. Boy. Have you prepared yourself for that?" Dr. Ashish.

"No, Sir, but our family has made up our minds...." The student.

Other student started speaking like he wake up and came in the class, and said, "Sir,..."... everyone laughed..."Sir, we have been to Dubai, Singapore and we've seen the infrastructure....we would like to migrate there..."

We told him, how difficult it's to get immigration/ permanent residential.... visa. Then he said, "May be USA, my uncle migrated there in 1990's itself, he is from IIT. We'll work there for 7 years and then we get green card there...." and told everything about success that has brought to his uncle in USA.

So the debate student said, "Sir, we like to live peacefully, we don't agree there are borders in this world to's for living peacefully we would like to migrate....and which ever country has best norms we would go, we've everything money, degree, skills, ....everyone one in our home deserves USA, we're all professionally qualified have business, or are CEO/ Director in some companies in our joint family...some are super-specialists Doctors.....etc. We believe India is going to be supplier of the Human Resources to the world, due to English speaking professionals and what's wrong in that? You said, every house in your city have at least one person living in USA...because of this. What we earn and can contribute and see the progress in front of our eyes, while working, we can't be able to see in India....Politicians create money-black-holes in their houses and they siphon-off money from the Indian system, sir. We won't like to live in India."

When, I was teaching International Marketing to students from multiple countries, they said, "We believe in global citizenship as you Sir, we believe in border-less society, we're businessmen and / or entrepreneurs, let others do what they wish, we will do our business and will create more jobs worldwide, that's our contribution to society. We like your poem...whether you hate me whether you love me, I'm going to contribute, contribute, contribute...."

Many spoke, but, YES and NO, Positives and Negatives, ....the debate continued and everyone could prove his point well.....proving this world is full of talent and if these students get an opportunity to prove ....this world will be still better.

Aum. Amen. Amin.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India.

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