Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Super/Superb Governance of Her Highness Queen Elizabeth,evidence of letter sent to Nagpur Railway Authority on completion of 100 years of over-bridge

We were discussing, what is governance, in the MIS i.e. Management Information System, and I gave this information to students. Queen Elizabeth herself has sent a letter to Nagpur Railways Authority about completion of 100 years of the over-bridge and it has to be reconstructed. It's Super as well as Superb Governance, which keeps record and responsibility, too. What she has to do, after handing over powers to Indians 60+ years ago? I said, "The Grandmother is so responsible, then why can't our people take responsibility of their own people? Why keep blame game on?"
At this staunch Indian National Congress Person / student said, "Sir, people and BJP people especially talk about governance, where as, this is truly a true responsible governance. We agree upon it."
A BJP, staunch student belonging to ABVP said, "Sir, Amitabh Bachchan left politics because of this.  He saw, congress men were showing bridges where even river was not his statements...."
I said, "Children, why can't we discuss independently and not as a party specific?"
One student said, "Sir, I can talk in favor or against anyone including myself, this party and that party and this nation and that nation....I know, everyone's positives and negatives....due to the way they throw mud ... and cow dung...on each others..."
We laughed a lot. 
One student said, "Sir, really, even after they left India 60 years back, they, hold responsibility of their work? Sir, I know a bridge, that fell just after its inauguration.....built by our own Indian construction company...and as Amitabhji said, we also have seen a place where no bridge is built but on map it's there...."
Again we laughed. 
Finally, one student, said, "Sir, if every political party, every government, and every company becomes such what you're talking....then, our India would be great place....we have everything but...this...point..."
I said, "Not only India boys, but, the whole world, will be better....if each one holds responsibility of everything they do....that is why I'm saying it's super governance... we had this system in India, and we have evidences like Ashoka Pillar near Kutub Minar, the several forts of Shivaji, several Temples, several Palaces, which are still State of the Art even after hundreds and few after thousands of years. However, greed and selfishness and myopic visionary holding real power has destroyed it. Hope, with advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will bring revolution along with the dare devil you...."
One student said, "Sir, we're Gods, we are humans, we are Devils, we are Godevils as well...."
We student asked,  "What is Godevils?"
The students said, "If there can be Global plus Local means Glocal, then why can't there be God plus Devil equals to Godevil? We must tell it to government authorities that if you behave properly we are Gods and better than you, if you behave like Devils then we are better Devils than you, we should tell it to rulers of India...then only it will happen. Sir, all Ministerial jobs should be jobs...not you said, in Switzerland the Prime Minister goes in the local Bus why can't our PM?...and if they only talk and show shyanpatti in your Mumbaiyya language we should show them their place, otherwise also, Sir, after they are out of power even kala kutta bhi nai penchanta oonako (after they are out of power even the street dog do not recognize them)...all the Citizens also should be so alert that all such ruling people should have fear for doing bad works...then only super governance will come."
I said, "Boy, on several occasion in Indian history, and it's in records, that the super governance was there in India, during Ram Rajya of / for 25000 years, 68 years of Yudhisthira Rule after the Mahabharat war, some time in Maurya Samrajya (rule), some time in Samudragupta dynasty, the time during Shivaji ruled, ...... (and quoted several occasions with evidences)....and just to tell you, all the Constitutions in the world are influenced by the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Kautilya/ Chanakya's which it is quoted at many places, how to rule and have good governance....H.H. Queen Elizabeth has proved it that even after 100 years of completion of bridge one, in fact the Ruler/ Queen herself can hold the responsibility, even though she is not directly ruling India, hence, this example. Tell me how many authorities in India can hold such responsibility, at the present moment?"
One student said, "Really great, Sir.. we'll remember it for life time..."
One students said, "In fact our generation will bring this glory to India and the world at large."
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India. 

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