Saturday, October 03, 2015

"Richer the country,bigger the golden fire,you keep pouring in, it consumes all,it becomes golden black hole"Thought of octogenarian people in 1990's

In 1990's, we came across, a group of octogenarian people, all oldies, they said, "Ashish, never migrate to rich nations....they are big black holes of the keep pouring in, and you never know where the money, resources, efforts, values .....have gone? "
"Why do you say, all such things multiple multinational Grandpas?"...Ashish.  They laughed a lot. 
They said, "People migrate here. They buy a car on loan. They try to pay back loan. Then they buy house, pay back loans...cycle continues and by the time they are old, their next generation gets used to for the system here and they can't move back to their nation of origin, it includes many NASA scientists, ....Doctors... Engineers...Top professionals.... People do not think about their next generation....even if their father was big scientists or top businessman... what next generations are doing, do they think back about India or nation of origin, in fact do they get time to think, the life is so busy and mechanical here that even the most emotional people can become robot after few years...."
First, we all laughed at this thought... but, when, all oldies claimed same thing...we thought it must be true. A counter question, was, "Why do you people say that?"
"Ashish, look at the consumption for petrol/ gasoline or coals, or nuclear energy or electricity or living style or .....everything is going to increase as it develops faster...billion to trillion to has no end...but does the money reaches to common man? No my boy...humans may reach moon, but they will establish, moon stock exchange and people from rich country or rich will earn more....from other planets too but they will not let it rich to bottom....there are so many lacunae in human systems that you may try for millions of years but poor will remain poor and richer will get more richer....since time immemorial it's reality of life...the rulers of all the nations may be rich or poor show lolly pop to common man and they loot the nations...."
Being youngies, we could not digest this reality of life, we said, "No, but, poor are reducing... more and more people are becoming middle class now a days....etc."
"You are simple man, you'll not understand how  crooked this world;ll realize this when you'll be as old as us Ashish...."..
What more can I write?
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,, Nagpur, India

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