Sunday, October 04, 2015

I remember God at every moment as I feel it's the last last moment to live, for me....Answer to request for spiritual discourse

Someone specially requested to me, "Can you deliver a spiritual discourse?"
I said, "Why not, but it could be my first and last one?"
She asked, "Why do you say so?"
I said, "I remember God at every moment as I feel it's the last last moment to live, for me.
When I wake up I remember God and request him to be with me all the time, every time.
When I brush my teeth I remember God,
When go for important work, I remember God,
When I take class lecture I start with him and finish it's with him.
When start driving to home, I remember him.
When reach home, remember him.
While driving alert though mechanically I chant many shlokas/ hymns as you know."
Further Question was asked, "Are you afraid of something? Because when I remember God, it's only when I'm afraid of something otherwise, I don't."
I said, "Afraid of what?
You see, our life is terminal happening, terminal case for all the doctors, it has to end at certain moment,
and this is the reality of life, and even if you live 40 years you feel, life has passed like a moment,
Same we might think at the end of 100 years too.
Whether it's a matter of a second or 100 years, it's one and the same thing when we look back,
then why not live as if this is the final moment of life?"
The person said, "Ok."
I said, "That's all I've to say, you know, I don't waste time,
this could be my first and last discourse, because,
if you can't understand if I tell you once, you might not understand the whole life, what I'm saying.
God is in every moment, you realize it, whichever situation,
you are up-down, elated-sorrow, win-lose, normal-critical, diseased-healthy, feel liberated-feel trapped, it's a continuous flow but physically it stops once your body falls.
Though, soul keeps moving from time to time, that too, from this specie of birth to that,
But, for us this is our last birth, this world waits for none, stalls for none.
This is our final moment.
I request God, "God let me be one with you".
Our soul which is drop like get merged with infinite soul and that is the spiritual merger.
Later body may live or drop, the godly journey continues.
Whether on job, or out of job, young or old, child or matured, at home- outside, living with hopes or out of hopes, poor or rich, villager or city-boy, this place that place, this stature that stature, this world or that world, every body, every organism has to perish.
No more discourse, our action should speak louder than words.
Let's devote our life to god, this world, for betterment of society in this world and other worlds.
Let's live positively in spiritual bliss and joy, like an enlightened soul.
May god bless all."
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

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