Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Let's Go Proactive in making inclusive growth. Educational Schools, Governments, WB, UNO should go to people than people go to them

Just look at the contrasting situations....on one had..people don't know where to spent...on other hand people don't know how to earn? 
On one hand, people spend 100 USD on one meal, on the other hand same money can fetch whole monthly grocery of Indian family...On parties too millions are some relatives and few friends don't go to party instead they donate the same money for the fees of a orphan child's education, and then few people in our own World Bank say, "Inclusive Growth is not Charity" or "Financial Inclusion isn't charity it's absolutely business...and this is a business opportunity.".....

@WBG_Gender "Financial inclusion isn't charity, it's absolutely business...and this is a business opportunity" --@HenrietteKolb #SheforShield

Even when we can give them formulae or road willingness to contribute..."It means they are not working proactively".... "They want people to come to them"... and do...this high handed approach will ruin World Bank and UNO.... World Bank and UNO should go to people....even Governments also should go to people....Schools and hence Education should go to people than people go to them in case proactive growth is required and inclusive growth is required. 
Given a chance, I can fetch at least a billion business than this person or group working there in World Bank....I'll go to places and make it happen my self...than seating in office like these people...CHARITY is not the word....proper here...ask many people have costly dogs breed at their home, why can't they have a human child of poor in place, are humans not better than dogs to take care? Ask the persons....can't they avoid one party and let that money goes to orphanage home....ask's a personal matter when we see our humans are treated worst than dogs in the houses of super rich or highly placed people.....these people who are poor belongs to all kinds of religions, societies, classes, dogmas, castes, creeds,.....nations....places....
Request them to"Bro and more more proactive... to bring inclusive growth....otherwise we all humans who will be called having "Haves" will be called Parasites and Cannibalistic" by "have nots"....."
The discussion was on Women Insurance Policies and it's a Trillion Dollars business....I said, "In India there is not a single complete policy that covers ladies problems in India....I know it as I was insurance agent for LIC ....."..However, my last point was not included such points where we've helped our nearby poor families to grow and educate and make progress in their lives....have proved how almost 100 families have come out of poverty, how, almost 100 physically challenged people came out of  their agony.... how, when I got exceptional in my job in family helped a physically challenged business man buy a wheel cart...and he excelled further...etc. 
Another example, that's live in our life is, we educated and settled one child....we spent almost Rs. 60000 at that time on her. Even later we arranged her marriage and let her settle...she is buying Rs. 1 million Insurance policy....isn't it inclusive growth? ....
Broad minded approach and magnanimous minds are required, in case each and every person on earth or in heart or on other planets and places has to excel, the reason being, if all are not included in growth then it will be an isolated growth of human society meant for only few. I already claimed in case we think money is the criteria, then only billionaires of the world are financially literate and they only know the business others including me, we don't understand the business, even my Ph.D. in Business is null an void in case someone proves, that what I'm saying is not business cum charity. 
Let's not think and go on extreme paths or war paths... Let's go on golden middle win I win...everyone wins...
Yes, why can't be there be middle path of Charity and Business be there, for inclusive growth that gives immense satisfaction to the doer the taker and the society at large. 
Let peace and prosperity be on earth and everywhere. 
Aum. Amen. Amin. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India....

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