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Top 10: In brief: Problems in Education Sector in India: Possible Solutions: We require different model for earning profit, and let reaching education and benefits to the grass root level, even at the global level.

Top 10: In brief: Problems in Education Sector in India: Possible Solutions: We require different model for earning profit, and let reaching education and benefits to the grass root level, even at the global level.
All Top 10, series, are all my original research papers that I've been trying to publish since 1994. WE NEED DIFFERENT MODEL for research and contribution to society at large. 

1. Education is global business: However, most of the Institutions and Academic domain show, they are not profit centers. Is it a fault of government policy? If it is then it must be corrected.

2. Right to Education (RTE) is there but on implementation front, how, the education institute should implement to run it and earn profit...where it is mentioned? ... IT must be clarified.

3. Theory and Practice goes hand in hand, if business is run ethically. Neither, Academics is benefited due this nonalignment not the business. In fact, Right from 10th grade school should have links with industry if some students wants to opt out for job due to his/ her family needs. Higher education should be job, consultancy, entrepreneurship and research oriented. In pre-final semester/ year it self the candidate should be clear about this. I tried it where ever I've been teaching and students are successful. Why can't others do it?

4. 75%, Academic Institutions in India is run with no full-fledged or full quota of Teachers, it includes IIT, IIM, AIIMS too. If this is condition of top ranked Institutions then leave others aside. The process of application is so complicated that we think better not to apply. 10 forms to be filled online, many times online server is down, many times, favoritism is there, there is no communication after application. Just Imagine. I've seen one well established scientist and one well established author and a well established Professor faced such insulting and inhuman treatment in 1998, i n 2002, and in 2007, then, why the they will apply? ......Ultimately they went on to apply in Singapore NUS, .....some in Australian, ....some in USA Universities and they never came back.......Now, I heard....their sons and daughter are pursuing Ph.D. there itself....they don't want to return to India...otherwise they feel they'll get less salary or will have to work in University and institutes much lesser grade than they learnt.....

5. In many roadside schools, village level schools, and schools in remote places, and places like high up in the Himalayas,  Teachers are there they are not paid like teachers, not treated like teachers, and don't have facilities like Teachers. It's government policies or implementers at grass root level, that do not shows respect to Teachers is also a big question.  

6. a. If highly literate person is not treated as fit to join industry, as they are too ethical and not practical, then? What kind of business you're running? Only profit making? It shows, even higher management is not ethical, as they treat employees as servants, and benefits are not provided to internal and external customers, yes I mean it. One of of my senior was rejected a job as he was from IIT ans was too ethical and was told, they believed in infrastructure business domain, he can't be a fit to join as he can't supply liquor bottle to CEO of other company. My senior friend said, "Why do you mix, party and personal things with my job? Let me work on project, if that CEO want to drink Champagne let  him go home and drink, why should I provide the same to him?" He lost the's a fact... in 1998....Thus, clarity of roles is not there. 
Few of my seniors, including our own teachers, were sent for Census, as they were the only literate people, and these teachers do cooking, day-care of children, census, letter writing of people in villagers/ illiterate people, ....why can't proper service industry be there for these people instead? 
6. b. The Draconian Rules and Practices in Education Institutes are ruining the student - education - teacher and core of curiosity of learning and knowledge practices. 
If you read following you'll also touch the feet of the employer as Education Don/ Mafia or something like that only and not as Education Maharshi (Saint):
Ex. 1: Few Institutions even ask their Principal to Professors to submit their original degrees, and later play gimmicks like they will return them only if they finish this session or this year or....this and that. One of my student could not get her Mark sheets even after 7 years. After, 2 years, "We're Literate Bonded Labors", one of the Principal said jokingly to the employer and the employer was holding the skin of Rhino and replied back, "For that only you're paid handsomely". The laugh was still bigger. 
Ex. 2: Salary promised 100%, paid only 10% to 50% however signature is taken on 100% only. This was so common in 1990's that government had to take action to formulate compulsion of regular teachers on regular scale.
Ex. 3: In one of the institution they pay salary in cash, just to help their employees save taxes. How? God knows. Height is that institution belongs to some celebrity and in India can't question them.....
Ex. 4. In one of the schools, few faculty paid 5 figures to the institution as bribe, and then the school authority handed over the permanent job appointment letter, to a B.Sc. B. Ed. Teacher. If even teachers also feel, I've to feed family and run life, then is it the Land where Teachers are respected? Guru = Dev = God....?
7. Just go to any construction site in India, except few, children wander on dangerous sites where even grown ups are not allowed. The un-organised laborers are 93% who get a job through outsourced way, where they are deprived or about education of these children? Why can't government keep a record and have a work force devoted to it, if they are so serious about RTE? Why don't Governments of all/ any party avoid advertisement in Dailies and instead put same 10000 Crore to develop task force, work force, devoted NGO, SHO work on this, so that Vision 2020 of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam be achieved? Why only temporary show off of Flag hoisting is there and not everyday flag hoisting be there on such places and real school work at millions of construction work sites are there? Those who do, do not show, and those who are not dong they are showing they are doing is and that, could be image if too much marketing is there...

8. Why can't there be transparency in systems, procedures, accounting, be there? Why 80% of the Education Institutes are owned by either Politicians or top Businessmen, and not academicians? Why academicians are treated like second grade in Academic Institutes itself? Why the institution is hold of illiterate at some places and why can't it be run by ethical teachers? Is running education business so unethical that truthful and honest people are....treated second to third to fourth to last grade? Where is the governance of government? 
9. Once, we went for admission of one of my friends son in Dehradun. A person said, "Your UPES is excellent Sir...but, not other institutes..." . Later as friend insisted I went to other school. That child was shown, a swimming pool is in the campus, ....laboratories....library etc. and it were shown from the glass office itself. While, the admission form was getting filled up....somehow we escaped and saw the campus....nothing was was just words...and on paper...later we laughed a lot. 
Thus, I mean to say, all rankings in India and around the world can be manipulated by these types of organisations. Government should have vigilance department, compliance officers to let institutions come up-to certain standard within stipulated time otherwise....God knows future of education industry in India, how much it will it deteriorate we don't know....yes...
8. Academic domain of India is in trouble....look at the lot of Government Schools, dilapidated buildings, no buildings at children study there, no one is concerned....and if one student shines there....people try to take credit of that as well....will visit that place....the whole media is also gets shows all these things so handicapped that...they can't force government to take action on it....just look at many such cases...

9. Slowly, Private Institutions has become a big to giant business. Earlier, children used to start software company and then used to sell for multi-million dollars, now, education institutions are sold at multi-billion dollars. So, those who perform better, shows, ultimately have to buckle under pressure of government institutes or their coccus or in-front of MNC pressure to perform or to sell of....very many reasons an institution is sold out...we know....

10. Research and its impact is in troubled phase....whereas I like to see changes happening in front of my eyes after writing to government...or on websites...some of my friends like publishing in high impact journals read by only the end of the day....high impact journal is what matters in education fraternity.....and in PBAS...that matters....imagine...if academicians who are always abreast in latest things...devote only time for this...that could change only if it's implemented....and they publish and leave it to others for implementations then what and which kind of impact they are forcing? 

11. Why education institutions can't be run be Teachers? Why education institution be run by Ladies? Even if they try they are shown their places.....Everything can be manged by authoritative people, people with money....people in politics....people....this and that...has to vanish, this interference is destroying future of education forms the basis of human development....deprivation of it...will lead to disastrous end...deterioration values....only few will be called as hero..heroines...and the real...hero/ heroines in life those who shape future of the best of the best leaders teachers will be left not only in penury is not far off when....teachers like earlier days...will live on begging...or ...madhukari.
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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India, 

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