Sunday, October 11, 2015

Is common man winning or losing?Converting loss into win...Why can't money lost in corruption if proved be printed again legally,and brought into system?

Is common man winning or losing? Converting loss into win...Why can't money lost in corruption if proved be printed again legally, and brought into system?
1. Winning situation: Cellphone/ Mobile connectivity reaching to multi-billions.
Losing situation: Government policies/ schemes that helps common man, is not reaching to common man, at least not to whom it's meant for, in most of the cases. 
2. Winning situation: Construction workers and Laborers are getting jobs.  
Losing situation: Construction workers and Laborers are getting jobs.  but, their children remain uneducated, and the people who build houses for others remaining homeless. Go to any big construction in India, you'll find a child running after its mother on unsafe construction places. 
3. Winning situation: Technology is becoming cheaper and reaching root level. 
Losing situation: Edible and eatables are becoming costly, and full meals to poor is distant dream now....
4. Winning situation: Farmers can talk to many and get benefited on cell phones. 
Losing situation: Poor and mostly Marginal farmers can't afford the cell phone plans. They are unaware of the schemes meant for them. They are losing, as they have to sell commodities at less prices, where as, the end product becomes costly and companies are earning in many folds. 
5. Winning situation: Millions of government employees to get 7th pay commissions benefit due to hike in Dearness Allowances. 
Losing situation: Farmers are not getting Dearness Allowances. Even today, everyone wants the vegetables and grocery at the cost of 1980's. Even the rich people go to poor's market in many cities and buy vegetables at low cost from farmers who try to sell directly to get little to more profit, thus, the structure benefits the riches who become rich and poor getting poorer. 
6. Winning situation: Knowledge of almost everything that is required in life is at just a click away. 
Losing situation: The working culture in corporate is such that there is less work but there is more tension of work. 
7. Winning situation: People have become alert and cautious. 
Losing situation: There are some jobs that are becoming thankless, and such jobs are increasing. 
8. Winning situation: Laws like Right to Information Act (RTI), Right to Education (RTE) are being thought by government and are being in the texts and or are part of constitutions of the nations. 
Losing situation: About RTE- Look at/ or the roads of India. Beggars are there, their children are not studying. Look at the construction workers, for a week or few months they are in this place then at that place and their children are not studying.
About, RTI, most of the corruption eats away common man's money, but, later, the money that have been eaten/ fraudulent/ gone away in corruption do not comes back, and that's the big loss to common man. Why there can't be mechanism/ law to put this money back in the system, once any / many corruptions are proved/ documented? Thus, if proven that India has lost USD 100 Trillion dollars in corruption it will come back in the routine, system and will improve Indian situation....Thus, if government agencies prove the corruption has occurred then why can't the same money be printed and brought back in legally into the system...with transparency in to the system, and with proper methods? 
Thus, losing situations can be converted in winning situations. 
I'm well wisher of this world and beyond hence, this effort is offered at the feet of God.
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India. 

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