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Top 10 Problems in Agriculture Sector in India: Again Reaching root level is the biggest problem and building trust is the Prime Solution

Top 10 Problems in Agriculture Sector in India: Again Reaching root level is the biggest problem and building trust is the Prime Solution:
All Top 10, series, are all my original research papers that I've been trying to publish since 1994. WE NEED DIFFERENT MODEL for research and contribution to society at large. 
1. What IIT, IIM, NIT, Agricultural Universities and Government bodies devoted to Agrarian fields are doing, when almost half a million farmers are committing suicides? Are these so called (High Handed Approach) Institutions of Importance, just show off for the world? Why not their Summer Internship or at least winter internship or at least one week be devoted to such a grave cause? Why not one full month be given to students to go from home to home and take review and let help? Why not faculty, who show high impact journal publications, and go to many places around the world could not find out a solution to this grave situation in last so many decades? Why not a trustworthy system was suggested by them or why didn't they help it to be built in conjunction with governments? Do they think they are from heavens, the way imperialists people think around the world. 
I think our thought process should be bottom-up than top-down to reach these poor farmers, and if, Government keep thinking like highhandedly like the other imperialist think, then, other parallel system could start the..that will be worst day in the Indian democracy....
Why farmers are asked to sign several forms and fill up, why not it be be made bio-metric? Is AADHAR / Unique ID, card not enough, when farmer goes to places for help in Government bodies?
These bodies are working like this:
What electrical department does, PWD (Public Works Department) doesn't know, what water works department does PWD department doesn't know, otherwise, why the road that was built a week ago be dug again for water pipe, or for electrical fitting?
Similar worst practices / things are been repeated again and again, against Farmers, when it comes to process and system. Is it governance or anarchy of mis-governance? 
2. Why the Agrarian Channels are not watched seriously by Agrarians that was suggested by us in 2006, should be in local language and should focus local people from Village to village, town to town, district to to place? Why commercials are there? Are the Agrarian Channels meant for business of certain products or for benefits of farmers those have lost faith in all governments....government should decide. 
3. When it comes to RSS...they have "Antyoday Yojana"...concept....most of the BJP people know it......
When it comes to Gandhiwadi vichardhara (Gandhiyan thought process), they know Gandhian most of the Indian National / Indira Congress people know it...
DMK, AIADMK, SP, BSP, CPI, CPIM, Shivsena, ......all parties know it, however, when it comes to implementation,....last person in the queue....never gets it....what ever is meant for his/her....
I fail to understand all these people know it but are not been able to implement it till date.
One of the farmer asked me, "Just think boy, are they doing it ON PURPOSE? Is it game of death? Is it not equivalent to cannibalism when people are committing suicides and these people do not let the help go to the poor and needy?" 
For a moment, I was shocked, to here this, but, then I asked him back, "Do you know uncle what are you saying? Does it meant this is happening on purpose, since ages to keep their chair intact....? ....Then, we're out of this, if this is game of chair....we are not interested, we just came to share experience of BT cotton...and help you people understand....few things..understand few things and share"...I touched his feet, as he was the senior-most in the village. I thought government should think bottom-up than top-down approach to reach these people. 
4. Some farmers said, "In 1972, government used to buy the paddy for Rs. 54/ Quintal (100 Kg) and used to sell for Rs. 72/= . We were loss even if government was directly involved or agents are involved or MNC are whom should we trust boy?" Farming is business or took so many years to decide to government and communication in governments is so fantastic that a product is launched by MNC we can know it on the next day, but, it takes one life to know what government is trying to do for us, and by the time we know it, the policy gets closed or players in the market know how to dismantle it....Long live our pseudo-democracy. 
5. Half cooked policies of government is also a big problem....clarity is missing in many places. Last time, we were discussing the definition of BPL or....and there were distinct definitions of it, NABARD, NSSO...why can't one clear universal definition be there? What we scientists are also doing, why can't agricultural scientist finalize it? As 60% or more are farmers who live in villages are poor hence, this request....What kind of research they do....just high impact research journal paper or just millions of project dumped in files or what? Frankly, there were places where we went for our research during our publication, the farmers said, "Boy, you came, why not single person from Krishi Vidyapith (Agriculture University)  came to us, or agriculture department ....came to us? Meaning....if the communication roots are not deeply rooted, then how can government policies be developed or be reached at grass root level, in this non-coordination among various government bodies? 
6. Japan never gets affected due to "Sukha/ Drought"....water gets stored in places then it's used...later...ex. gas used up vacant places...etc. In India it was planned decades before but could not get completed....where the money goes?
7. If 110 million can get money in their account, why can't the education and policies awareness reach them? RTE is possible ....
connectivity going.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Lives on ground on earth, and with earth, in Nagpur, India. 

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