Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Different colours and shades of economics,parallel economies, financial deals & trades around the world since time unkonwn till the end of this world?

Once we were discussing the colours of economics and financial deals. I came to know, students know more than me and whole of teaching fraternity.
I said, “Why not we have transparent global economy?”
One student said, “Sir, it will never happen till the end of this Universe now.”
I asked him, “Why?”
He said, “Sir, the crooked people are always ahead of honest people like you.”
Again, I asked him, “Why?”
Again, He said, “Sir, whenever we plan, for plastic money, they plan, the loop holes. Then, if they don’t find loopholes they go to a person whose ego is hurt and try parallel system, who can create viruses of software, or will invest in cruel things like target the different experts and will get the work done. Do you know there are exerts in blackmailing, expert in hacking any computer in the world, expert in laws and finding loopholes in the laws and all the dirty work….Sir, these are all…paid jobs and they also have hierarchies…if there are weaknesses people exploit it, if not, they create and enjoy their dominance. Sir, the formula is 99.99% is to 0.01%, and not 80% is to 20%, i.e. if BJP comes to power they will let their own people, own family, friends, near and dear ones and thus, 99.99% benefit goes to these people, where as common man/ general public gets bahca-khucha (left over) 0.01% benefit. Thus, if Congress, or BSP or Samajwdi Party of CPI, CPM, or Shivsena or DMK or AIADMK or.... this or that party they do the same. Even we've seen in some cases 100% benefit going to same party in Bihar and UP, and same people in power and their own holding organisations. Sir, who want's to lose special status or star status or Kunwar or King or Thakur or Duke or Raje or Rajkumar or Prince or this of that special status? Sir, look at any organisations, it got benefited even during British Raj and even after Independence, organisations know how to survive and hence smart people start organisations that survive all the whether conditions, ex. Congress Party....or look at Tatas..... or this community or that community or this entity or that entity or look at this Gunda element and that Gunda element....”
We laughed a lot.
I said, “Boy, please go ahead…and how do you know all?”
Few more students added, “Sir, as you and we’re living in good company, there are people who happen to or forced to live in bad company. There they are taught all these things, and there is no end to it. Parallel economies like grey economy, black economy, dark economy, white economy, green economy…..you name it and that coloured economy is there, at the same time there are many parallel economies and all survive due to all these and many kinds skills set that are still unknown to us…once we were discussing and slowly it came out of discussion otherwise…I also couldn’t have known it…but, it’s sure….pay money and there are people who can do any kinds of jobs they are expert in, is also true…this world is meant for them, not for us….and none can know what’s going on behind the scenes and no governments can stop them…unless, all government agencies in the world and honest people like you and me join hands together…”
Again we laughed.
I said, “Boy, simply great, now let’s discuss, how to counter act and bring all into main domain, main stream?”
Many added, “Sir, whatsoever anyone may try, there are people who always play double or multiple games, and earn from this and that side…so there is no end…due to vicious circle and self interest of people. Sir, there are people who are dominating this world since long and they know it, how to crack the deals, to whom to contact, and how by hook or crook, get the work done and keep it like that only….In fact you might have observed since early childhood few children are been taught and fed how to keep their domination intact…do this and that…”
Finally, I said, “MDG (Millennium Development Goals) will be MYDG (Million Year Development Goals) only…” and Let God only rules this world…..”
Again we laughed and started our topic, International…..  in which we were discussing different countries have different currencies, forms, tax systems... and how still the MNC manage to earn profits…
Really, solution to this, will be the solution to achieve MDG otherwise, MDG will be MYDG, trust me.....
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India, ashish.urkude@gmail.com 

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