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Indian Languages Made Easy: Chhattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi to English to Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi

Indian Languages Made Easy: Chhattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi to English to Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi:
Till date, it's mostly spoken in Chhattisgadh which was divided from Madhya Pradesh, province of India.
A very beautiful state with lots of jungles and aboriginal people, Raipur being one of the fastest growing city in India and capital. It's an exceptional case being energy excess state of India. This state/ province have lot of coal reserves, power plants,  iron and steal and aluminum plants.   
Thanks to Father who has translated all these sentences. Mr. Manohar Govind Urkude who stayed in Madhya Pradesh and was part of building several railway lines since 1962, on both the tracks to and fro ….. on the section Nagpur-Delhi (In fact Bhopal-Bina, etc. Nagpur-Itarasi, etc. sections they call it). On complete track he has some memories. When he was called as a consultant for the third track, at his age of 75 years, recently, none had attended their age of 50 years that he had experience of 50 years in this field of railways. So, he could explain the laborers in Chhattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi, to top bosses in English and others in Hindi and then was getting the work done.

Thus, no need to say, these are all original contents, my Father knows this language and he helped me.

  1. English:: I ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey

  1. English:: He ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo

  1. English:: She ::Chattisgadhi::  Wo

  1. English:: You ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey

  1. English:: It ::Chattisgadhi::  Ye

  1. English:: This ::Chattisgadhi:: Ye

  1. English:: That ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo
  2. English:: A ::Chattisgadhi::

  1. English:: Yes ::Chattisgadhi:: Ha
  2. English:: Come ::Chattisgadhi:: (to come)…..AA

  1. English:: Came ::Chattisgadhi:: Ais (‘Ice’ in English)
  2. English:: Will come ::Chattisgadhi:: AA
  3. English:: Open ::Chattisgadhi:: (to open) Khol

  1. English:: Opened ::Chattisgadhi:: Kholis
  2. English:: Will open ::Chattisgadhi:: Kholih
  3. English:: Sit ::Chattisgadhi:: (to sit): Baith

  1. English:: Sat ::Chattisgadhi:: Baithis
  2. English:: Will sit ::Chattisgadhi:: Baithihi
  3. English:: Walk ::Chattisgadhi:: (to walk): Chal

  1. English:: Walked ::Chattisgadhi:: Chalees
  2. English:: Will walk ::Chattisgadhi:: Chalbe
  3. English:: Eat ::Chattisgadhi:: Kha

  1. English:: Ate ::Chattisgadhi:: Khaees
  2. English:: Will eat ::Chattisgadhi:: Khabey

  1. English:: Drink ::Chattisgadhi:: (to drink): Pee

  1. English:: Drank ::Chattisgadhi:: Peeis
  2. English:: Will drink ::Chattisgadhi:: Beebey
  3. English:: Win ::Chattisgadhi:: (to win): Jeet

  1. English:: Won ::Chattisgadhi:: Jeetiha
  2. English:: Will win ::Chattisgadhi:: Jeeteehee

  1. English:: Go ::Chattisgadhi:: (to go): Jaa

  1. English:: Went ::Chattisgadhi:: Jaees

  1. English:: Will go ::Chattisgadhi:: Jaab
  2. English:: Run ::Chattisgadhi:: (to run): Doud

  1. English:: Ran ::Chattisgadhi:: Daudees
  2. English:: Will run ::Chattisgadhi:: Daudabey
  3. English:: I go ::Chattisgadhi:: Main Jathav

  1. English:: He goes ::Chattisgadhi:: wo Jaathey
  2. English:: He eats an apple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo Seb Khavat hai

  1. English:: He is eating an apple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo Seb Kha Rahis Hai
  2. English:: He ate an apple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo Ek Seb Khaees
  3. English:: I saw the film last week ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey peechhale hapta mey ek cinema dakhey hawe.

  1. English:: She came by bus yesterday ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo kali bus mey aaise.

  1. English:: She came by her own vehicle yesterday ::Chattisgadhi:: Wok aapan khood key gaadi mey aay rahis.

  1. English:: They went to the temple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo mun Mandir ma gayeen.
  2. English:: They went to the church ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo mun Chrach ma gayeen.
  3. English:: They came from the mosque ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo masjeed ley aawe haway.

  1. English:: He slept the whole night ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo raatbhar soeen haway.
  2. English:: He wrote well in the examination ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo pariksha maa acchcha leekhan hai.
  3. English:: He has eaten ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo khaleen.

  1. English:: He will eat ::Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi:: Wo khahin.

  1. English:: He will go ::Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi:: Wo jaahi.
  2. English:: He will come ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo aahi.
  3. English:: What is your name? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tor Nam Ka Haway?

  1. English:: What ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa?
  2. English:: Is ::Chattisgadhi:: Haway.
  3. English:: Your ::Chattisgadhi:: Tor.

  1. English:: Name ::Chattisgadhi:: Naam.

  1. English:: What did you do? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tumhan Kay Karat Haw?

  1. English:: What should I do? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey Ka Karav?

  1. English:: What can I do? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey Ka Karat Haw?

  1. English:: What are the questions? ::Chattisgadhi:: Prashna Kay Havay?

  1. English:: What were the questions? ::Chattisgadhi:: Prashna Kay Rahis?

  1. English:: What is the last question? ::Chattisgadhi:: Aakhari Prashna Kay Rahis?

  1. English:: What is written in the letter? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tola Kay Bataees Hai?
  2. English:: What you had been told? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tola Kay Bataees hai?

  1. English:: What will be the answer? ::Chattisgadhi:: Uttar Kay Hobey?
  2. English:: Why did you come? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaabar Aye Hus?

  1. English:: Why did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey Kaabar Soyas?

  1. English:: Why did you tell him to go? ::Chattisgadhi:: Wola Jaybar Kaabar Kahes?
  2. English:: Why did he bring the bag? ::Chattisgadhi:: Who kaabar jhola/ zola laais?
  3. English:: Why did she pay the money? ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo kaabar Paisa Deis?
  4. English:: Why did they sit there? ::Chattisgadhi:: Vo man kaabar ooha baithey haway?
  5. English:: Why do you drive the car? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaabar car chalawathas?
  6. English:: Why are they late for the meeting? ::Chattisgadhi:: Baithak maa ayala kaabar der hois?
  7. English:: How did you come? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaise aaye hus?
  8. English:: How did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaise Sothas?
  9. English:: How did you drive the car? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey car kaise chalawat hus?
  10. English:: How did you write? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaise likhat hus?
  11. English:: How many apples are there in my hand? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mor haath ma katek seb haway?
  12. English:: How many did you take? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kitana Liye Hus?

  1. English:: How much money did he pay? ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo katek paisa deis haway?
  2. English:: How much distance to go? ::Chattisgadhi:: Aoor Katek dooriya jaave key hay?

  1. English:: How was the journey yesterday? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kalke Pravas Kaise Rahis?
  2. English:: Which way did you come? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaune Deek Aaye Hav?

  1. English:: Which is your favourite colour? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tumhar Pasand Key Rang Kaunse haway?
  2. English:: In which room did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Toomhan Kaunsey Kamara maa soye rahees?
  3. English:: Which story did you tell? ::Chattisgadhi:: Yoomhan Kaun Kahhanee Batayees?
  4. English:: Which is the sweetest fruit? ::Chattisgadhi:: Sabal Meeththta Fal Kaun Haway?
  5. English:: Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? ::Chattisgadhi:: Hindi maa kuansa paper bdhiya haway?
  6. English:: Which state has the largest population? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaun Prant maa sabase jyada jansnakhya haway?
  7. English:: Where did you come from? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kahase aaye hus?
  8. English:: Where did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaha soye rahas?

  1. English:: Where is the manager’s cabin? ::Chattisgadhi:: Vyavasthapak key kholi kahan havay?
  2. English:: Where should I go? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey kahan Jav?
  3. English:: Whom should I meet? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey kaunla Meelahoo?
  4. English:: Is it a book? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa ye keetab haway?

  1. English:: It is a book ::Chattisgadhi:: Ye Ek Poostak / Keetab haway.
  2. English:: Is it the answer? ::Chattisgadhi:: Yech oottar aay.
  3. English:: It is the answer ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey mor sang aabey kay?
  4. English:: Will you come with me? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey mor sang aabey kay?
  5. English:: I shall come with you. ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey tor sang aahoo.
  6. English:: Will you give me your pen? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey mola pen debe kaa?
  7. English:: Will anybody give me a pen to write?/ Please give me a pen to write… ::Chattisgadhi:: Koi mola likhey var pen dehi.
  8. English:: Can you give me something to drink? ::Chattisgadhi:: Koi mala peeye par paani dey sakathey kaa?
  9. English:: Can you write the Exams? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa tey oottar likh sakwey?
  10. English:: Can you write the Answer? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa tey oottar likh sakwey?
  11. English:: Can you lift this box? ::Chattisgadhi:: Ka tey baksala ootha sakabey?
  12. English:: Did you have your lunch? ::Chattisgadhi:: Toomhar Doophar key bhojan ho gayees?
  13. English:: How are you? ::Chattisgadhi:: Aapaman / Toomhan kaaise hav?

  1. English:: I am fine. ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey kooshal huv/ hav.

  1. English:: You come to my room after the exam. ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey/ Toom/ Aapaman – Mor kamara maa pariksha key baad aay huv.

  1. Chhatisgadh/ Chattisgarhi      to Marathi:: Chhatisgadh :: Tey :: Marathi:: Tu

  1. Chhatisgadh/ Chattisgarhi      to Marathi:: Chhatisgadh :: Toom :: Marathi:: Tumhi
  2. Chhatisgadh/ Chattisgarhi      to Marathi:: Chhatisgadh :: aapman :: Marathi:: Aapan

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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