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Reality of Indian North Eastern States

Reality of Indian North Eastern States

  1. 99% Public except public servant who knows the government services well, feels that they are not treated well by the main land ‘Indians’.
  2. When a person wanted to come back to Nagpur in emergency, the airlines ticketing options available were like this:
    1. By Helicopter from Itanagar to Gauhati, then from Gauhati to Kolkata, then from Kolkata to Delhi and from Delhi to Nagpur.
    2. By Helicopter from Itanagar to Gauhati, then from Gauhati to Delhi, then from Delhi to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Nagpur.
    3. By Helicopter from Itanagar to Gauhati, then from Gauhati to Kolkata, then from Kolkata to Chennai and from Chennai to Mumbai then from Mumbai to Nagpur.
After hearing this, we could not decide whether to laugh or what?
Even, after 70 years of independence we don’t have commutation and could not generate too.
  1. Even in the Itanagar, Naharlagun, there are so many spots where there is not a single mobile connection is there, leaving aside the remotest places. No commutation and no communication, then how can we progress?
  2. Yesterday, the meteorological departments had shown that there is no rains in the Arunachal Pradesh and Itanagar, where as it rains daily in Arunachal Pradesh at least for 4 to 5 hours. While we watched this, the local public who understand English and we were laughing. Then they said, “This apartheid against North Eastern (NE) States by mainland should vanish. Sir, you people are intellectuals and don’t mind coming and serving here, how many others are willing to come? How many can survive the atrocities of nature and human made? We tried to make glorious future of our next generation but we could not see the golden day even today and that’s the reality of us”.
  3. We could not find a beggar in Arunachal Pradesh as they are all hard workers. There are 26 Tribes in Arunachal. All have their own language. Indian Government failed to realise the fact that when 100% population is either Schedule Tribe or Nomadic Tribe, then how the Government system will work here in case the Quota system is implemented. Still no decision.
  4. Arunachal Pradesh and past NEFA and Assam and other NE have some border line disputes, and they are still unsolved, some are landed in Supreme Court. One of the senior said, “There are some big national and international games and state border disputes and international border disputes which are created just not be solved but for political gains only. We all NE are made either scapegoats or victims of it and this is reality of us. For Kashmir and NE states, people are playing double games, they have different teeth to show and to eat is what I feel at 90 years age. We should have clear Strategy, Policy and Unity on such issues and in case we want to be a strong nation.”
  5. People here are well skilled but don’t have guidance and direction to explore more. Education system is taking shape but communication and reach is the problem. Even in the Government Institutions there is lack of proper Teachers and workers.
  6. People from Zero and other places travel to Itanagar to show their child how does Railway Station, Platform, and Train looks like. Sunday there is huge crowd from 11 am to 4 pm almost just to take photograph on platform and with train. Children touch the train try to see how the wheels are look like, and it’s worth watching their curiosity.
  7. When China attacked the India in 1962, people here in Arunachal Pradesh people started thinking about other place to look for. Then, they started building the better relationship between Indian main land and them, as they came to know India is better option and soft state than other hard states.
  8. Hindi has become the second language since the Television and Cable network arrived. Earlier, Assamese and Bengali was the second language in NE. Hindi, is so fluently spoken, sometimes you feel you’re in UP, or in Bihar, or in Delhi. However, they feel, we know Hindi well still we’re not accepted well by Hindi speaking area, just listen to daily news…. When I said, “In that case we wouldn’t have come….” Then, he laughed and said, “Sir, you are exceptional, you can go any place and feel yours, as you say, you can to any other galaxy and still you might feel it’s your own and the people there also might feel you are also one among them…but all are not like you Sir. How many of people are willing to sacrifice a comfortable life and come here?.....”
  9. Some languages in NE: Assamese, Manipuri, and some Arunachal Pradesh languages, shows they are as reach culturally, as any Indian states/ provinces:  Manipuri:

    Let's solve issues in NE as soon as possible and make this country and the world beautiful. 

    Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India. 

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