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Like BrExit can we have plebiscite on Rise in Government Employees' Salary Rise.....A student

“Like BrExit, can we have plebiscite on Rise in Government Employees' Salary Rise?” A student. 

While: Open Debate on: “5 million government employees versus 1.30 billion Indian population and plurality in the wake of 7th pay commission”

First person: “Sir, it’s unjust, we are more competitive than any of the government servant but we don’t have government job and they are getting salary rise, that too unjust and without any clear evidence of any of the employee’s great contribution to nation while working in government organisation.
Second person: “Can you prove you’re more competitive than any of the government employee in your domain?”
First person: “Sir, with due respect, I worked in HDFC bank, I was taking care of multiple domains and that too at multiple levels. Once, when we asked several Branch Managers of Government Banks, they could not deal with what I could, even though my position was just a manager. These people work in such a concrete framework that customers are not important to them but their so called government job they hold is very important and their salaries are most important.” (Almost every one in the class laughed).
Third Person: “Sir, I also have case where in I could deal in better fashion than an IAS Officer.”
Second person: “Can you prove you’re more competitive than that IAS Officer?”
Fourth Person: “Why the hell you always want proof?” (All laughed for a while)
…. There was no end.
Amar: “Sir, you go to more than half of the SBI, you’ll find 25% of the counters not working, 10% of their ATM not working. When, complaint is launched, nothing happens. We’re fed up, but still they get rise, and we’re left high and dry.”
Second person: “Oh! So you don’t have government job hence you’re jealous about government employees.”
Amar: “No, not like that. I left the government job and here I’m perusing the further studies, as I found, I’m wasting my talent in government job that I was in, and my conscience didn’t allow me to earn the salary for working for just 15 minutes to 1 hour job and showing I’m working for 9 to 10 hours.” (Everyone clapped and laughed).
Vikrant: “Sir, except for the Military personnel that too exceptional cases, why the image of government employees is corrupt, less working, communal, and united for money cause is there…..all across the world?”
Professor: “I’m facilitator and will not answer, though I can, you people come out…..with certain answers…”
Rajendra: “Sir, in Malaysia, people say, at least something happens in India in government jobs, at our place, for years together nothing moves on, even snails move, tortoise move but the files.” (Everyone laughed)
Rakesh: “Sir, when we have 700 million working population, if we don’t have more organised sector jobs, then, how can we grow? Why still labour unions are allowed and are there in the Bank, the Postal Services, the Telecommunications, the Railways, the Electricity board, the Water board, ….in ….are always triumphant? Are these people more important than Prime Minster or President that they can’t be replaced? What are the criteria of their position being hold for years together? Why can’t they be replaced once they get the job? Why can’t all the departments be privatised except the Military services?”
Raj: “Sir, I also have a question against the private sector employers who do not pay the salary on 1st of every month. Why government norms are not strict against these rich employers?”
Edwin: “Sir, when farmers are committing suicides even after hard work it’s a injustice to raise salary after every 10 years, when farmers are not getting raise, in basic commodity pricing, isn’t it?”
Richard: “Sir, I know, better Doctors than got selected in Government jobs. I know, better Engineers, Administrators, even better shooters, runners, players than those who got government jobs with these basic qualifications or skills. Why the best are not selected in Government jobs, why always the mediocre or those who have links get selected?”
Rashid: “Sir, since 50 years people are talking about black money and bringing back from Swiss Banks. (Laughs). Sir, are the people who keep money in Swiss Banks by fooling their governments so fool that our Government will declare in advance and these people will let their money bring back to their own countries? (All people laughed and clapped too.). Are we running fools governments on black money issues since long, how childish these people are, or how childishly they behave and rule or how smart these people are who show they don’t know the names of the people even if they know and try to hide their names and ……” (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Sir, if the money is properly distributed and tax is taxed properly there would be no misappropriation of money and there can’t be any beggar left in India, and even in the whole world. It’s a organised crime going on since millions of years. Sir, you just try to be Prime Minister of India, none will support you being honest and due to vested interests. They want a person who understands their business to be on the top. Who will pretend to be boss, but, actually is the follower of the decision makers at the back. We always agree, your words, “PM and Presidents are just show off positions.” (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Gurpreet: “Sir, even quota system is fraud and fixed to get job, to get salary and for vote bank. If there is 75% quota for OBC then also population is 750 million and by that way no quota is left, people making fool since long. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Sir, any special comment?”
Dr. Ashish (Facilitator): “How does our country works only God knows?” (All people laughed and clapped too.). Every time, government jobs are discussed quota comes into picture, job fixation are raised, corruption is obviously discussed, non-working people are shown with pictures, no customer services point are raised, performance indicators are put into oceans are shown with proofs, and still they get salary rise after every 10 years is discussed…..where as more intelligent, smart, great administrators, better, …. Who are working in private sector is left high and dry is also discussed… You name it and I discussed it in so many countries and the points are same…. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Please continue boys and girls.
Sumit: “Sir, let this time, the strike is there by the government employees, and, I’ll put a petition to know the performance criteria of the government employees. Sir, you go to many banks and in post offices, half the employees are always missing. (All people laughed). Why can’t an alternate person be there to take care of the important job of customer care services when people are standing in queue and they don’t know the person is not coming to office… (All people laughed and clapped too) and then after half an hour when they raise the voice they come to know, there is no one to be there in the counter….(All people laughed and clapped too.). Sir, I went to State Bank of India, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur Branch, and I faced it at least 10 times this situation.
Amit: “Sir, you people are lucky, at least your banks open everyday. Come to our village, hardly, it opens 4 to 5 days a week. Attendance is shown and work is shown but the gates are not open for common public”. (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Ankita: “To whom to complaint Sir? If we complaint then we’re not dealt well next time, and at our village we don’t have other options, so we don’t want to spoil relations. Why and how can few people work in the same office for years together, when we heard government people can be transferred every after 3 years? The people who are there for more than 3 years have become “Gabbar” (Notorious) except for few. (All people laughed and clapped too.). There is fixation in transfers in the government jobs too. Still, they get rise in salary every after 10 years”. (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Sanjiv: “Sir, I appeared in Bank Probationary Exams, not a single mistake, but, I was not selected. Even in case some 4 to 5 mistakes are there, still, I heard the passing marks are just 60%, then why I was not selected? I didn’t know where to complaint and by the time I came to know, the time had left”. (All people laughed and clapped too).
Rajiv: “Sir, one of our friend, extremely good in Statistics and have paper publications in top 5 journals around the world, that too consistently, whenever he applies in IIT or IIM, he is not selected. Are IIM and IIT too are fair in selection? (All people laughed and clapped too.). In case, these top institutions are not fair, government is not fair, hence, leave these 5 million. (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Dr. Reality: “I’m a Doctor by profession. I know my good or bad profession more than anyone here. (Laughs). I’ve faced the rejection in the government jobs, in the private sector jobs and both sides are not fair, is my conclusion. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Where as uncertainty kills the private sector jobs sometimes, similarly, certainty in the government sector jobs also kills the productivity in that job is also too. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Why not government jobs be fixed for only for 15 years so that like vehicle is scrapped out in 15 years…. (All people laughed and clapped too) Dr. Ashish, why not you get a chance to build the IIM Nagpur as a Director? You’ve, experience of building infrastructure, running profit centre, running research centre, running the University, placing students, sending students for SIP, solving students and all stakeholders problems, …. Building the organisation, foreign collaborations….. You name it and you’ve put a hand in Institution building… why such messages of skilled people like you do not reach the Governments and why not they call you? Why people like you keep applying for jobs, where as jobs should follow you? (All people laughed and clapped too.). The major reason is, in private sector, education institutions are secondary earning for many and many have other sources of income….(All people laughed and clapped too). Where as in Government sector, already you know, even IIM and IIT have 4000 vacancies for the faculty positions…. It’s a show-off….educationists are well behaved and docile in behaviour and hence are sidelined always. However, Gunda elements are treated as important and dealt importantly….even our discussions are of no use and is of importance to them… (All people laughed and clapped too). The reality is government and government jobs have become monopolistic and hence we’re facing the music. (All people laughed and clapped too.). We’re not helpless but we show we’re helpless and hence they get salary rise where as we don’t get even a job, sometimes. (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Dr. Popat: “Once, I visited a spot, where in the government department and documents a Dam is there on the river, but, there is no river as well dam (All people laughed and clapped too.). Now, these people are also going to get rise in salary. (All people laughed and clapped too.). It was a big issue at that time, but, the media is also not highlighting it, the media is also fixed it seems (All people laughed and clapped too.). Incidentally, the vigilance officers, the anti-corruption officers will also get a rise. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Sir, in our village, the road is not built since 5 years, but, PWD department will also get a rise. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Sir, the place where I live here, the local common Dust-Been is also not got cleaned since last 15 days, but, they will also get a rise it seems (All people laughed and clapped too.). The hospital building was to be built in just 6 months, and the job is not done since 10 years, but, the responsible people will also get the rise in salary. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Sir, I come from Railway Bridge which was to be built and completed in 1 year since last 10 years, but could not, and the responsible people will also get the salary rise. (All people laughed and clapped too.). Sir, there are more than one million cases pending in the Courts in India, and still judges and lawyers will be the rise in salary (All people laughed and clapped too.). HAL built the Tejas Aeroplanes in 30 years, the Defence Minister admits that it took too long, but, still HAL people will get salary rise, but, you and me the highly skilled people a simple job (All people laughed and clapped too.). Sir, shall I talk about NTPC, and other top public sector industry and CII, all Ministries too? I’ve lot of harsh feelings about these people as I’ve seen them corrupting and still getting rise. (All people laughed and clapped too.). God help this world. (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Anju: “Sir, it’s so known to all, but still it’s happening”. (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Dr. Ashish: Facilitator: “Can anybody conclude? As I think we need to conclude, as it’s becoming monotonous boys….and girls”. (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Manju: “Sir, can I conclude in one word?”
Dr. Ashish: Facilitator: “Yes!”
Manju: “Unfair!” (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Dr. Ashish: Facilitator: “Please make it 100 words now!” (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Manju: “Sir, in place of giving rise to government employees government should ensure that the private sector employees get salaries on time. (All people laughed and clapped too.). What kind of education and employee development government is doing, in case they are to be given pension? (All people laughed and clapped too.).
Why can’t the government employees become independent by the end of 30 years instead? (All people laughed and clapped too.). Why can’t the plebiscite be done on this, like BrExit? (All people laughed and clapped too.). 99% of Indian will oppose it. (All people laughed and clapped too.). That’s my conclusion Sir; I hope the class agrees on this. (All people laughed and clapped too, and all raised the Hand and said, “We oppose it Sir.”).
Dr. Ashish: Facilitator: I’m speechless on the 100% plebiscite over this issue. After all, the government servants are for the services of the people. Hence, I’m in favour of having performance based criteria for salary rise in Government. Hope governments across the world are listening and will take action on this before it becomes an agitation issue in future. If governments and PM and Presidents can be changed then why not, non-performing government servants is the main concern of many across the world. Let’s act and make the world better, live-able and lovable too.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India,

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