Friday, July 29, 2016

Mobile phone as well as humane sensitive democracies are need of the hour

Mobile phone and Touch screen sensitive democracy including voting rights and humane sensitive democracies are need of the hour

1. Why can't the voting be done through cellphone why old people have to go to voting booth? Why the Democracies are not mobile phone sensitive? Why problems are not solved via video conferencing everyday by the corporate and MLC, and MLA of that area?
2. In fact, voting by s.m.s., emailing, personal voting, by post, by courier, by many ways can be done when the AADHAR / Unique ID (in India), SIN (in Canada), and PAN and so many identifications are interlinked per person.
3. Another example:
Why not every infrastructure project be finished in / within deadlines by builders? Who is responsible for that? In case live video is feed through proper channel then it's review can be done and the authorities can decision then and there, as all the other records are available on the portal for each builder.
We need decision makers than delayers.
4. After looking at the child labor students asked where are the law implementer? The politicians talk big show us big dreams but can't implement simple laws and can't get it implemented by others and then how can you tell Sir, to trust them? I was helpless.....hence this article.

After all, all technologies should help building human civilization in total and not for selected few....was the main concern of all.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

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