Thursday, July 28, 2016

What will be the skills, and qualities of the head of the country, Prime Minsters and Presidents in 2100 AD? Suggestions are welcome...

What will be the skills, and qualities of the head of the country, Prime Minsters and Presidents in 2100 AD? Suggestions are welcome...
1. Cool minded and highly ethical and truthful, having empathy for all citizens, equally well, in case he has to be appreciated by the citizens due to increased transparency in the day to day activities with 100th generation of Telephones and Information and Telecommunication Technologies.
2. Skill to/ of getting work done from his ministry and from government employees.
3. Work in collaborations with UNO and associates, an improved version than today.
4. Work in collaborations with Moon and other space settlements.
5. Walk the talk or ............face the music.....from citizens or leave the office if can't.

Why the question is relevant?:

1. The question is so relevant as, by that time, China would be 4 billion population, India 4 billion, Russia 3 billion and the only place having excess space.

2. The question is relevant as people are questinoing all the existing government systems across the globe.

3. The question is relevant as there is growing unrest among the intellectuals, genius and even wise people about the accountability of the governments across the globe.

4. In the faster development of technologies, if each person can have his/ her say, then while implementation the best suggestion can be selected by technology and can be implemented for the national or global cause, then why not a government where in each citizen is the ruler of the state, idea, be implemented by 2100 A.D.  ?

5. The question is relevant as many feel, any government may come but our problems are not taken care by any of the government. If it leads to intolerance then?

6. Why can't it may be made compulsory to have 100% or even 99.99% voting in the system? Where each one can vote free from any influence on his cell phone? Or have his/ her say on any issue? Why each and every person be literate and wise enough to take decision be made by that time?  In case these issues are not solved holistically, human civilization will dig deep its burial it seems now. If each human being is not given importance like viruses give importance to their each being, we humans will perish that's for sure.

Suggestions are welcome.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India


Mark Winstanley said...

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude said...

Thanks Mr. Mark Winstanley. We should give back to this world is what I feel and hence to delight and to see everyone enlightened I'm using this platform. I'll try my best with your, the best wishes and impartial recognition. God bless t/his world.