Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Are we heading towards ideal and advance technological integration and integrated society but practically disintegrated world again?

Are we heading towards ideal and advance technological integration and integrated society but practically disintegrated world again?
BRExit. Proves it. 
"London is the only Global city in EU...with more than century old ....cultural and business, education and.....domination, but, in case, it suffers the challenge from other nations.... they know how to get back their domination, they have ruled half the world in the past...."... An expert. 
Another points which is also important is this.
I repeat, "Common man like us, wants to live peaceful life in integration and help his family and society/ societies live too, it's the disintegration created by influencers and who are few and influencing these world policies....and they are unknown still....and will remain unknown due to the fact that they are always hidden from the world and play from behind the scenes, since ages, ..., they train their next generation to be like that....and it continues....forever.... The Prime Ministers and Presidents are just show off positions.... Resignations of British PM proves it again, what I'm saying."
Other points are, just look at the polarization of world again from the politicians and rulers of the nations' perspective than the common man perspective. 
1. EU disintegrated. 
2. SAARC is there but India-Pakistan dent is there, though Pakistan is responsible for that. We will say, it may be due to any entity but disintegration is there. 
3. NAFTA, SAFTA, ....... are there but internal conflicts are there. 
4. USA outsource so much that go to Wal-Mart and more than 50% products are China made.
5. Look at India more than 80% petroleum products are imported. Same is the case with more than half the nations on the earth, and for Petro-Wars, again, integration of few and disintegration of few nations are there. Someone say domination someone say imperialism, someone say to much dependence some one say, too much independence from petroleum products. Mostly those who have petro source and some who don't have it and are dependents.
6. Same with Nuclear know how and technology. 
7. Same is with Space age technology.
8. Same with Technology, Pharmaceutical, ....... patents. 
9. Same is with.....Law and order, stable governments, ...... business environment, education, hospitality, medical facilities, ..... peace loving ....
10. Will it then head towards hate crime online and offline and will they lead to word wars and actual full-fledged wars? God knows.
Let's make this world better and peaceful, and think about masses as well as classes of this world....otherwise.... viruses can live for billions of years together but the most intelligent specie on earth will die due to disintegrated societies. God bless us all. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India.

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