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Agony of Farmers has exposed, "Do we really have plan to use the existing skills of existing people Or are we going to waste Human Resources forever?"

Agony of Farmers has exposed, "Do we really have plan to use the existing skills of existing people Or are we going to waste Human Resources forever?"

I was a privileged person, for spending time with the people who can tell you in no time, what will be the course of action in particular situations or what medicines to be taken at what time or how he repaired the vehicle in grave situation or what farmers will do or scientists who can do miracles or teachers who can teach well or can mentor well, can do....however, they are all unemployed at present or are doing something just to survive....sad story of human civilization, but, true, I don't know till when we all will be left away from their background energy. God may forgive but I don't think that energy which we call Karma Vipak (Cycle of Karma) will forgive us. Like now a day Environmental hazards are seen similar situation could come at the State of Mind/ Mentality / Business Environment ... in fact harm could come on our Living Environment itself, as time and gain we are insulting these true humans.

Case 0: Skilled Marginal Farmers and Agrarians:
They are at the worst situation. At least thousands I talked since I wrote the article:

A learned farmer said, "The amount spent on cultivating land and ....etc. is X and the earning has come down due to inflation since 1980's is X-100000 on each acre of land....depleting water table, and fantastic approach of government and people is also harming them".
I asked him, "Why do you used the fantastic word?"
He said, "Sir, we know, your paper based on Indian Farmers was not accepted by anyone to be published and then you published that on Indian MBA website. We liked your word fantastic. The meaning of it here is, though middle men are vanishing but, that is taken by the super markets now a day, they buy one million packets and sell Rs. 600/- original priced Basmati at Rs. 350/- and it's same as we sell. However, the profit goes to them and we get nothing. Also, when it comes to Retail shop, what price we see is almost twice than what we sell our produce. Means we work hard but ultimately smart workers earn more. In case we become smart the whole mankind will be starved, just to tell you, sir."
Another said, "Millions of farmers are leaving the farming and are selling their land to builders, and the day is not far, when, again in the name of mechanized farming, we will be sold our own grown food at 10 times the cost to us only, as the MNC's will do it with money and with full power. Do you think, they will do it for charity, they are total business minded...."
Another said, "Sir, we are all farmers," and stopped and looked at us with dull face.
I said, "Yes, we know right from ploughing to selling cycle." All laughed.
Then he continued, "We know the value of each grain, and each drop of the water as our perspiration has taught us. However, when our friends who are doing/ pursuing B.Sc. Agriculture or B. Tech. they expect a decent air conditioned chamber job. So the real lavishness that we had while ploughing, sprinkling  insecticide, .....that we spent in the soil has reduced. .....Soiling hand has reduced...and Government policies and Banks and Sahukar are also adding woes to our graves....Whatever we see in the Movies, it's true, the negative side has become reality of life....Let's work on it, and let's bring positivity/ positivism, Sir. ...."
Another person said, "Big people come to us, take selfie and photographs and then say, "We did this and that....", then, why we farmers are left high and means they did nothing in fact. We also have lost faith in the TV and Radio people/ media, they show those news that have least importance to us. What if some film star earns Rs. 100 crores or USD 100 million .... what it has to do with us, what we get or will get from that?"
Another person said, "It's sheer waste of our skills and man hours, that, people come and try to teach us, who never have owned a farm or when they come directly from a/c chamber or from Government or from MNC...we don't have respect for them...that's all we can say....we lost faith in human kind....all are selfish.... Sir with due respect we know your own are excluded....". Again we laughed.
Another person, "Do we really have plan to use the existing skills of existing people Or are we going to waste Human Resources forever? If we keep wasting such resourceful person/s then is it not waste of time and loss of humanity/ humankind? In fact no government knows how to use the skills of people like you Sir. All positions available in the governments or non-government organization are match for you....not even the UNSC....we found out the mistake in that election as well, when to got chance we heard that while present secretary general was in the election frame (I objected ....but freedom of speech...), Hyundai cars were donated by Korea....Sir, do you think, still, farmers are unaware what happens at the top bodied of the world and government places and at the grass root level?"
I was speechless to see a person in dirty cloths but keeping all knowledge and happening of the world in his sleeve. It's a matter of time, not only farmers but many such people will go independent and will not depend on any government or any bodies, besides paying tax and formalities, it seems now.

case i: Educated, can be the best teachers and mentors but...:
These are the most, are available,.... to whom I talked. They are so good teachers, but as they don't have either B. Ed. they are not employed in good school. In fact, many having B. Ed. also not getting their full salary for ...many months...There are many who want to teach but are home manager as they have spent their 8 to 10 years taking care of children. Now, many call them unemployable. Whereas I found them better than few employed Professors and Teachers in the best places you name. Age range 30 to 55 years.
One person from well to do family once in a group said, "Who say, they don't have employable skills, I found the reverse, the employers don't have employing skills in fact. Just they own the institutes or organization or sitting at higher places doesn't mean they know everything as they Give Salary"....
I said, "Teacher, you can say so as having strong background how many of them can say that openly?"....Thanked and left that group.
They have nation of origin all across the globe. 
Case ii. Skilled Predictor in Stock Market:
In the stock market, few people predicted and those things happen in certain time span. I asked them, how could you predict so well? They said, "Experience since 1982..... and we know how the stock market works...."
These people are sitting at home and are unemployed at 50+ age, as they know too much, one stock market expert person said.
They have nation of origin all across the globe.

Case iii. Skilled Homeopaths and Ayurveda Doctors:  
They are so well trained and skilled, but, they have left the Ayurveda Doctor path or Homoeopath- path, and spending a life of common man instead of a Doctor as it can't fetch them "More Money" like a Allopathic medicines doctor. Sometimes I ask them in emergency....medicines for self or others, when on duty or out on field, what medicines to be taken, their medicines are low cost and apt. Few are house wives, few are doing social services or ....something else- office job. Few are out of Doctor profession itself as people treat them less Doctor than MBBS Doctors.....etc. very many reasons. However, many are still continuing with their profession, but, the people who are not in their professional degree are increasing is what the message is. Age raining from 35 to 55 year old.Alternative medicines is third grade in every nation.

Case iv. Skilled old Vehicle Technician:
They could repair and fit any older vehicles like Bajaj Scooters, Mahindra jeeps, older time scooters, but now they are doing security personnel jobs or office jobs, etc. Asked them why? They have various reasons like less money or competition or technology changes faster and tools are costlier or....age range 35 to 50 years.Mostly, Indians.

Case v. Skilled Political Predictor: 
Political Pundits,...."Do you know, the politicians are same across the world. They will fix India through either China or Pakistan...means they fix third nation through 4th nation or 10 nation. In case of taking advantage for self in their own country, they'll show their own people their place by diverting jobs to other nation, they create artificial inflation, they create domestic unrest, they create negativity by showing I'm the most positive, there are more policies on card than in action, showing one thing doing something else predicting something else creating something else and so remaining highly unpredictable, ..... in case they have to come back to power they will literally put national cause at last and personal cause at the top,...."
I asked them what will be action of this politician in next month and was so just say, "Why you're not PM or President...".....they are not astrologer but with experience they could predict each political action in 5 minutes and they were coming 100% true.
These are all unemployed with age range 45 to 55 years old Political Masters. They have nation of origin all across the globe.

Case vi. Skilled Unemployed Scientists:
I had privileged to talk to 25 most eminent Scientists from across the world. Now this is not the story of India, what I meant here. They were job less. I asked them how do survive, they said, "Day to day." I asked them their skills.  Some one was Nuclear Scientist not to say can manufacture the .....Atom bomb, Some one was exceptional Management Scientist whose publications were rejected by the world's the best Journals as they were out of the box, someone was Computer Scientist whose ideas were stolen by biggies and was left high and dry but jobless kept on purpose by the cartel of the ICT companies so that their business is not put in distress, someone had done something exceptional in medical field and ..same story, as most of the scientists I talked were serious in their work trying to contribute to society but the power house for job kept them out of their domain and now they are jobless. Though helpless but full of values and integrity to the core trying to work for the man kind.

Case vii. Celebrities: 
They were like themselves only. Some one was the best during first 3 years and then vanished. Someone was the most genius on earth for few years then vanished. Someone had the best song and then vanished. Someone had the best literary work and then vanished. After so much pomp and fame suddenly vanished? How did it happened? Someone said, "Till you are useful to fetch money for them they'll say....hi..hello...later the hell is also a better place for us than their office".
I asked, "Why not your skills be used to generate next generation people like you? Why don't we care about succession planning? Look at the Congress, none, no big leader of the stature of Indira Gandhi now? Look at the Hockey, none at par with Md. Shahid or Jafar Iqbal or MP Singh or ....finally the Dhyanchand? Why the world is over for them? Why do people are so myopic?"
No answer. I walked past after this last question was un-aswered by these so called great during their hey days.
Later talked to similar people out of India and they had same old story. 

Case viii. Great Institutes that have become shadow of their past:

I went to the best organization India has and had. Dr. Ramchandra Bapat my neighbor (we called "Aajoba" grand father) and father of my Ph.D. Guide Dr. Arun Ramchandra Bapat worked with the the best scientists in the world.
While Dr. Ramchandra worked with Dr. C. V. Raman in 1919 and till 1930's. Dr. Arun published few papers with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where I used to help him by searching where do we get this and that....kind of stuff.
Now, Dr. Ramchandra worked with Institute of Science, Nagpur where Dr. Raman worked something in 1917 or later....when I went there and asked few questions ....the problem was clear...I.Sc. is no more what it was in 1919.
Then I went to IISc Bangalore there also problem was more than clear.
Instead of doing something great. People are doing 9 am to 5:30 pm, job.
Same with IIT's and IIM's and NIT's name a few, I'm sorry to say but true.
Unless they break the shackles and iron helmet on their head they can't work and do something great.
Ideas has nothing to do with whether I'm from IIT or YCCE or local Engineering college or MIT or ....but the people in these Institutes feel they are great instead of doing something great and that hurt many ...a lot since long. People have moved out of India due to this apathy.
A true story of a Professor from NUS Singapore, then moved to other better place on....
He said, """"A person from private Engineering college got rejected in all these places but found a place which is ranked above them. What went wrong? When asked.....the selectors say, "We don't know."
The answer is, "Your dimensions are myopic....than those who selected them...." . Same with TIFR, same with TISS, same with BITS same with AIIMS and other Medical colleges, same with many universities, CDAC and other places....what kind of forms they ask us to such a transparent world is also a complaint....why the hell 36 pages to be filled and Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 draft has to be sent in hard copy with notarized which century these organizations are living? Are they hiring a person for his extraordinary skills of for his 10th grade mark-sheet? It's ridiculous. "Many have straight away rejected filling up forms from Government organization where they want .....every details...and no guarantee of selection.....and moved to better place? I'm in NUS since long. Singapore is as better as India. When I was here they didn't respected me. Now a day when I come here as a Professor of National University of Singapore (NUS), the same Professors who rejected me at IIT and IISc now Respect me."""". This, Comment of the NUS Professor speaks a lot.
I have million such of the colleague said. "I'm living in Canada. I have a artificial home building and decor business. I was Engineer and tried to do in Punjab,  or elsewhere in India, was rejected in India, I'm millionaire there in Canada, and now when I come here....every time.... a queue is there in front of my ancestral home if they see me.....and it's just to let their children migrate to Canada and work with me. The same people who rejected me, are saying sorry for hundred times....though I've forgiven them for 100 times....Here, I was asked to fill up 150 forms to start the business....was asked to bribe worth several Million, and much headache...."..etc......
So far so good...Now,...
We still have chance but if we do something concrete otherwise, after 2025 A.D. other countries will take over our own people will migrate with such skills and master it there over the years. It's said, "Pikate tithe khapat nahi" in Marathi, i.e. The place where it's grown is not sold." We might become HR suppliers to globe but still we will remain starved for so many things.... It's awakening time for India. Our own people who were rejected for job or research purpose will become citizen of other countries will come and defeat those who rejected them.....that much insult they suffered and they are still bubbling for that...that fire is still there in them....not hate they were treated like second grade people in their own country hence....
Again, I can quote at least 100000 such cases with evidence, facts and figures, that much connectivity I have..... but of course by God's grace, nothing mine. I leave it here. Hope many will come forward and then they tell their stories and will try to improve the situation for global cause. 

Case ix. 

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, lives on the ground, Nagpur, India, 

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