Shall I prove I'm global citizen? In fact, have I to prove it, again and again?

Shall I prove 'I'm global citizen'? In fact, have I to prove it, again and again, I know each country in and out by history geography, culturally and by civilization? Hope none will dare to say, now, what ever I speak is hyperbole. When I say, "I can create one billion jobs in India it's possible, when I say, 500 million jobs can be created in Europe, Russia, China, ....places, it's possible". Yesterday, one journalist lightheartedly doubted over me and said, "One person cannot be an 'author' of national songs of 100 nations". However, when I showed him these then he said, "Yes...possible...but they also should accept it...." We laughed at it as though he was defeated still...he said that.... I said, "Give me a chance I can do it......Also, let them go through it they'll slowly accept're not the only one who said, "Ashish you hyperbole....I have put my thought over these technologies and social transformation from the age of 7 or 8 when I asked, "Is UNO the global governance body? You people are devoted to this job, while I'm devoted to this global cause." Only one journalist said, "Ashish keep it up, as you think differently you are different from us and may be in future it will be useful to this world...." I thanks them and walked home by saying, "I think, we're unnecessarily separated by artificial boundaries.....and these boundaries are getting added more day by day...let's reduce them and you journalists can do it better than anyone else." 

Please note that 'National Anthem' is different and 'National Songs' can be many. There was a critical analyses by few journalists and hence this sentence is added. Also, if accepted by these nations it's ok, otherwise, it could be placed over here as new creation, that's enough. I just want to say, creativity has no end, and no one can stop it. There could 100 such songs for 100 God's grace. 

1. United States of America's (USA's) NEW NATIONAL SONG: Of course if they accept it then only:

Title: That's my USA : (In USA English):

Freedom to live,
Freedom to speech,
Freedom to learn,
Freedom to earn,
That's my USA, y' that's my USA

Strong Regulations,
Strong Medical set up,
Strong infrastructure,
Strong Democracy,
That's my USA, y' that's my USA

Sky is not the limit,
Hubble has gone beyond,
Traveling is not the limit,
Voyager 10 has left our Solar System,
That's my USA, y' that's my USA.
..............................Composer, Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,


Even National Song for Pakistan is also ready, of course, if they accept it:

Title: Yeh Pakistan Hamaaraa Hai: (In Urdu):

Mohanjodaro Harrappa sey,
Hindukush sey Sindhu,
Himalaya sey Arab Sagar,
Aaasaman sey Dharati,
Sab Kucch Hamaaraa Hai, Sab Kucch Hamaaraa Hai,
Yeh Pakistan Hamaara Hai, Yeh Pakistan Hamaara Hai,
............................Composer, Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Even State or Province song is also possible:
Take Maharashtra Province of India: (In Marathi): Of course if they accept it then only:

1. Title: Dhanya ti Maharashtra Bhumi

Dhanya ti Maharashtra Bhumi,
Maharashtra aamachi Sant Bhoomi,
Alandi chey Dnyandev,
Alandi chey Nivruttinath
Alandi chey Sopandev
Alandichya Muktai 
Pandharpur chey Naamdev,
Dehu chey Tukaram
Mehuna Raja chey Chokhamela,
Yavali chey Tukadoji Maharaj,
Shedgaon chey Gadge Maharaj,
Jam chey Samarth Ramdas Swami
Shirdi chey Sai Baba
Shegaon chey Gajanan Maharaj
Akkalokot chey Swami Samarth
Pawas chey Swaroopanand,
Just to tell you:
Even songs for the organizations and other entities are also ready. Any Takers? 


1. Hewlett and Packard: Organization Song: Of course if they accept it then only:

They just tossed whose name should be first,
Packard won the toss but chose his name last,
That's how our company is built on sacrifices,
That's how our company is built on mutual trust.

Quick the better, as already artificial boundaries are increasing and dissecting the mankind more and deeper. Let's be global citizen, I'm already in. 

Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, UK, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Chile, Argentina, Egypt, name it and it's ready. Maharashtra song you've seen the sample, Tamilnadu, Andhra, Telangana, if made Vidarbha/ Akhand Maharashtra is given above, Karnataka, etc. are ready.... Organizations it's ready.... By God's grace, I know the history, geography, languages, culture and the civilization and other important things of all these places and have been through or by air over or seen the places....hence, by God/Allah/Yehova's grace it's left to the decision of this world....

Yesterday, Some journalists smilingly and gently challenged me and said, "It's not possible, one person cannot be the author of national songs of so many countries. Even One billion jobs cannot be generated in India, even 500 million jobs cannot be generated each in USA, Europe and Russia, in India and in China.... Then, I had shown him these things, and then he and others started believing, "Yes, it's possible."
I said, "Give me a chance at least to speak and explain but since long no one is listening. You people just say not possible and indirectly... throw me out." (We laughed at this.) After seeing and hearing/ listening to this ...they said, "It's possible."....
....God bless this world and hope...will get a chance to bring positivism in this world....

Aum. Amen. Amin.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, lives on the ground, Nagpur, India,