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Why do you live in India? My 10 pointer answer in 1990 A. D.

Why do you live in India? My 10 pointer answer in 1990 A. D.  

1. Like to here more than 100000 languages. Registered may be 6000 plus, but, in India language changes at every 10 to 12 kilometers. Literally, many a times, people have to ask, "What's the meaning of that word?" You live in a colony of Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, etc. and none of the scripts match each other, still they live together happily.... Melting pot of languages and cultures and civilisations....since aeons. No where, you'll find a universal rather multiversal language like Sanskrit, once you know it, you'll find a trace of it in all the languages in/ of the world. Just by listening to Russian we could understand half of the words. Similarly, with English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Italian languages, having almost 60% words similar to Sanskrit. You'll find more than 50% words even in all the India languages have Sanskrut as origin, though scripts may be different. Even in Singapore and Indonesia we found Jogjakarta, Bali, and many such words and names of the people and more than 50% language of ....meaning and origin from India and Sanskrut.

2. Variety of living styles of multiple cultures. However, family culture, family values, and etiquette in India remains same/ similar. Heart and Soul Rules here and the social fabric is as such that if dissimilar things are not seen, then, people think something is wrong man. Ex. Once, a person said, "Yaar, today happens to be Baisakhi and no joy? A friend called the dance party in the evening....."

3. There are almost all kinds of geography , and that too, in fact 24/ 7. If I wish I can go to Desert and take a Sun Bath at 55 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan. If I wish I can go to Kashmir and take a cool deep at -55 degrees Celsius. If I wish I can go to Cherapunji and Mausingmar and have 24/7 rains. If I wish I can go to Elephanta caves from Arabian Sea near Mumbai. If we wish we can go to one of the 15 national parks surrounded by Nagpur the Tiger capital of India. If we wish, we can to Sundarbans in West Bengal, too. If we wish we can go and see the Volcano near Andaman......meaning all kinds of temperature and weather conditions are there.

4. There are multiple centuries of living cultures in India at a time you find a tribe with more than 5000 years old traditions and you find a Computer or Space Scientist of so called modern age. Both have no complaint against each other and living together too, so much acceptance and tolerance and variety is there.

5. Rishi, Muni, Sanyasi, Sadhu, Father and Fakir all have worked hard to develop a classical system in India, and most of the systems have been adopted from India by the world, including maths, jyotish, astrophysics, family system, .... In fact, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Vedas, and Arthashastra had the best management, governance, and government practices that are been adopted by most of the constitutions in the world, ..... Also, the society, respect not the most powerful person or richest person but those who have sacrificed everything like Sadhu and Sanyasi. A unique for western culture where show-off and arrogance of power reflected everywhere in all the advertisements you watch on TV (In 1980's and early 1990's). We've given more importance to internal development of a person, together with the development of the world. The development of the person is more important and Indian culture gives more importance to self-enlightenment than becoming billionaire. Amazing people live here where sacrifice is more important than selfishness. There are also people who balance, path of self enlightenment with the path of becoming rich too.

6. People call us snake charmers. Is it easy to charm a snake, when all of us except me will start running if we see the snake, though I’m not snake charmer? (All laughed for a 5 minutes). Also, in fact, in Gita it’s claimed that there are multi billion intelligent civilisations, in fact, infinite, existing everywhere in the universe and Multiverses, and many are even getting developed at each moment, which, even today science could not confirm existence of single intelligent civilisation, except in the reel world of show-off movies. Leave it. So, our point is, the Gita Mantras would/ have/ will charm our soul and cools and awards peace, too. Also, in Ramayana and Mahabharata there are more astras and shastra…..the weapons are there, which, even scientists not been able to conceive the idea. The weapons of mass destruction as named, seems to be miniscule in front of Narayanastra, Brahmastra, Pashupatastra. The astras can destroy the whole galaxy leave aside the only earth, so much was the power but, the person holding it have never went on for advertising it to show his powers to everyone. True “Vidya Vinayen Shobhatey” i.e. more the knowledge and more power make man more and more humble. They also had power to neutralise the effect of the power of these astras and shastras if they wish or are ordered by Guru or seniors to them. Ex. When Ashwaththama sent the Brahmastra to destroy the Pandavas he could not take it back. However, Arjuna could take back his Brahmastra as per order of Shrikrishna. The penalty of not taking back of Brahmastra was such that Ashwathama is still wandering for want of peace. On the other hand there is so much show off now a day that it smells power has gone into wrong hands. Also, we in India even today, or recent past also have/ had humble but powerful people who could start their own religion and people have experience their power, but they have/ had stayed humble, they not only could charm snake but the whole world including all existing humans. Imperialistic minds with tiny aims, cannot experience it or conceive it, who always think my science my technology and my country or my people have rights to rule the world. No, Indians have not tried for that, if they wish they can rule the world by heart and soul which they are but we’ll never rule by power or by inviting curse on occasion of atrocities on the civilians of this world.

7. We have concept of universal citizen since long. Take example of few Rishi and Muni. Just take example, Rishi Vishwamitra Or Rishi Agasti, Or Vasistha Or Shukmuni Or Vedvyasa like stalwarts of justice and representatives of God, went to King Dasharath or King Janak, or any other distinct countries, they were welcome with full honour as if he is the first citizen of that country. They had absolutely no enemy and were recognised as the Brahmarshi. When I try to put the concept that I can be a poet of 100 country songs because I know them in and out people say hyperbole….man the concept like Vadhaiv Kutumbakam i.e. this earth is our family was digested by us long back and when I say I’m Universal rather Multiversal citizen I mean it, whether this world excepts it or not, some day some time in this ear of globalisation people will have to accept it. This world is too backward on this front. Let me be first Global citizen. It has to start somewhere why not from me? Let peace makers be global citizens of the world. Of course if you doubt us, then you doubt yourselves too.

8. We’ve the Medicines that can cure the man, a million light years away too, though all the species are perishable and everyone has to die if he has born. Just by thinking and sankalp a person can be cured by chanting some mantras or by wishing the best about him by a really powerful devotee of God. Reiki, Sihdhdha yoga, Prayam and Panch Karma, Tibetian healing, …..etc. are offshoot of that, and scientists are working on this….may be we’ll be successful in future, in case science expands it’s so called the “Frame of Scientific discovery” . In fact, we believe in India, we never invent, we just discover, as everything that is been claimed to be invented have some traces in the past books like mentioned above.

9. We had a concept of complete education with 14 Kalaa and 64 Vidyaa. Making a person complete. We had a concept of Gurukul, where, Teacher walked the talk and by behaving and playing a role for life, used to teach and train the next generation. This complete education was so powerful that at a time a single person was a great preacher, a great warrior, a great doctor/ physician, a Grammatical expert, a debate champion, a home manager, an organisational expert, a true citizen of the world, … name it, and s/he had a trace of knowledge of everything on the earth that could be stretched further as an expertise by anyone. Many a times our books having such knowledge have been stolen from our libraries and people came out with great discoveries, at some times the books have been burnt out of selfish desire, but, shrutis and smrutis made it to be stored in the brains of people by listening to elders and older, and will continue to exist in India forever. Slowly it will come out to benefit this world in case selfless people come forward and selfless people implant for the selfless people. Small amount of selfish desire can destroy the best of the best concepts and systems….is the only warning they have put long back….

10. Pushpak Vimana which could travel all across the worlds, or Antardhan and appearing by self sankalp or due to invocation of that entity by some devotee were the concept which science is thinking to implement. Science can’t think to travel at the speed more than light, but, when, I say, “I’ve seen entities travelling billion or quadrillion times faster i.e. Taconic speed.” They laugh at me or at may be more people like me.
Then, I said, “Can I add one more point?”

The people said, “These are all useless points…you may add one more…”. All laughed. I too laughed.

11. Before doing anything we touch the feet of God and elders at home, may be parents, grand parents, or even other elders and older at home. With these blessings, we feel our efforts get the right direction. Some one used the fantastic language when I said, this………….. Then, I told him, “We thank even the earth, the place where we stand, water, air, every entity and try to please every entity and then only we think we can remain happy….even we perform some Puja before entering a place, so that no negativity remains there”. …. You know once May was trapped in the jungle of Khandav-wan, and Arjun and Shrikrishna representing the Nar and Naryana could only rescue him. He came in front of them. They relieved him only on one pointer, that, he should built a castle for Pandavas on that place after it gets completely burnt and destructed as per the destined to be destructed. May built the palace within a short span of few days and that was the advanced technology they had. Today when we look at the shakeable technologies in front of those unshakable and faster technologies we feel ….how much backward we are? Also, May claimed, “It was possible only due to the blessings of Shrikrishna when I touched Shrikrishna feet….it made it possible.”
After listening to this, one of the person said, with these thoughts you may not earn even a single've to praise the West to earn....I laughed a lot, said, "I've friends in western countries and we laugh at these thought none like unnecessary praise or extra importance, they believe in results and profits not in such fantastic things. There is nothing like west and east remained now, as I know more than a million people of Indian origin today in 1990, live out of India since many centuries.”
At this point none could speak a word and the place looked at me with awe. One of the senior person said, to my father, “You’ve got an intelligent, genius and wise son, Manohar.”

At this I just laughed, as those people in the party gave me chance to speak on such serious issue.
 Never, had I seen proud father, than at that moment, as otherwise, people at home and near and dear ones thought he is useless Engineering student.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, lives on the earth, 

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Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

Dear Ashish.

Nice post but I felt that some addition is required

1. Agumbe in Karnataka on ocassion gets the highest rainfall in India
2. Tirupati in AP is one of the richest places of worship in the world
3.You can travel to Bengaluru a city that has firmly placed India on the technology and start up map of the world.
4.You can travel to Hampii described by Domingo Paes in the 14 century as the greatest city in the world.