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Indian Languages Made Easy: Bhojpuri to English to Bhojpuri

Indian Languages Made Easy: Bhojpuri to English to Bhojpuri :

Father knows this language well and he helped me. Here are the most common sentences used daily. If anyone wants to add here, they are welcome. Let's build a peaceful community all across the world, understanding each other and living together, forever.

English:: I ::Bhojpuri:: Mahoo

English:: He ::Bhojpuri:: O

English:: She ::Bhojpuri:: O

English:: You ::Bhojpuri:: Tumhan

English:: It ::Bhojpuri:: O

English:: This ::Bhojpuri:: Yahu

English:: That ::Bhojpuri:: O
English:: A ::Bhojpuri:: A

English:: Yes ::Bhojpuri:: Ha
English:: Come ::Bhojpuri:: (to come)….. Aawa

English:: Good:: Bhojpuri: Sughad
English:: Bad:: Bhojpuri: Kharab

English:: Came ::Bhojpuri:: AA Gawa
English:: Will come ::Bhojpuri:: Aibo
English:: Open ::Bhojpuri:: (to open): Kholis

English:: Opened ::Bhojpuri:: Kholis
English:: Will open ::Bhojpuri:: Kholiha
English:: Sit ::Bhojpuri:: (to sit): Baitha

English:: Sat ::Bhojpuri:: Baithees
English:: Will sit ::Bhojpuri:: Baithbey
English:: Walk ::Bhojpuri:: (to walk): Chala

English:: Walked ::Bhojpuri:: Chalis
English:: Will walk ::Bhojpuri:: Chalbey
English:: Eat ::Bhojpuri:: Kha

English:: Ate ::Bhojpuri:: Khais
English:: Will eat ::Bhojpuri:: Khabe

English:: Drink ::Bhojpuri:: (to drink): Peebaa

English:: Drank ::Bhojpuri:: Peeis
English:: Will drink ::Bhojpuri:: Peebey
English:: Win ::Bhojpuri:: (to win): Jeetba

English:: Won ::Bhojpuri:: Jeetis
English:: Will win ::Bhojpuri:: Jeetbe

English:: Go ::Bhojpuri:: (to go): Jaava

English:: Went ::Bhojpuri:: Gayees

English:: Will go ::Bhojpuri:: Jaibe
English:: Run ::Bhojpuri:: (to run):

English:: He eats an apple ::Bhojpuri:: Wo apple khavat hai

English:: He is eating an apple ::Bhojpuri:: Wo apple Khais
English:: He ate an apple ::Bhojpuri:: Wo apple Khabey

English:: She came by bus yesterday ::Bhojpuri:: Wah Kal Bus Mey Aai

English:: She came by her own vehicle yesterday ::Bhojpuri:: Who kaali aapan bus maa aais

English:: They went to the temple ::Bhojpuri:: Wowman Mandir maa gain hai
English:: They went to the church ::Bhojpuri:: Wowman Church maa gain hai
English:: They came from the mosque ::Bhojpuri:: Wowman Masjid maa aain hai

English:: He slept the whole night ::Bhojpuri:: Wo raatbhar soin hai
English:: He wrote well in the examination ::Bhojpuri:: Wo pariksha maa achcha likhit aur sahi lkhit hai.
English:: He has eaten ::Bhojpuri:: Wok hay lawaa

English:: He will eat ::Bhojpuri:: Wo khaabe

English:: He will go ::Bhojpuri:: Wo Jaabey
English:: He will come ::Bhojpuri:: Wo aabey
English:: What is your name? ::Bhojpuri:: Tohar Naam Kay?

English:: What ::Bhojpuri:: Kaay?
English:: Is ::Bhojpuri:: Haway.
English:: Your ::Bhojpuri:: Tor

English:: Name ::Bhojpuri:: Naam

English:: What did you do? ::Bhojpuri:: Kay Kar Hayev?

English:: What should I do? ::Bhojpuri:: Mey Kaay Karav?

English:: What can I do? ::Bhojpuri:: Mey kaay Kar Sakat Hav?

English:: What is your the question? ::Bhojpuri:: Tohaar Prashna Kaay Rahis?

English:: What were your questions? ::Bhojpuri:: Tohar Prashna Kaay Rahis?

English:: What is the last question? ::Bhojpuri:: Aakhari Prashna Kaay Havay?

English:: What is written in the letter? ::Bhojpuri:: Wor Chhitthima kaay rahis?
English:: What you had been told? ::Bhojpuri:: Tohar Kaay Bataye Gaye Gais?

English:: What will be the answer? ::Bhojpuri:: Uttar Kaay Hoyi?
English:: Why did you come? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaabar Aay Hav?

English:: Why did you sleep? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaabar Soy Raho?

English:: Why did you tell him to go? ::Bhojpuri:: Tumhan Vola Jaybar Kabar Boley?
English:: Why did he bring the bag? ::Bhojpuri:: Vo Zola Kaabar Laais?
English:: Why did she pay the money? ::Bhojpuri:: Woh kaabar Paisa Deyis?
English:: Why did they sit there? ::Bhojpuri:: Wowman kaabar iha baithees?
English:: Why do you drive the car? ::Bhojpuri:: Tooman car kaabar chalais ho?
English:: Why are they late for the meeting? ::Bhojpuri:: Wowman Baithak Maa Kaabar Deri Karin?
English:: How did you come? ::Bhojpuri:: Aapman Kaabar Aay hav?
English:: How did you sleep? ::Bhojpuri:: Aapaman Kaise So thav?
English:: How did you drive the car? ::Bhojpuri:: Aapaman Car Kaise chalawat hai?
English:: How did you write? ::Bhojpuri:: Tooman Kaise Likha?
English:: How many apples are there in my hand? ::Bhojpuri:: Mor Haatma Katake Apple Havay?
English:: How many did you take? ::Bhojpuri:: Tooman Katake Ley Liha?

English:: How much money did he pay? ::Bhojpuri:: Who katake Paisa Deis?
English:: How much distance to go? ::Bhojpuri:: Aoor Katake Dooriya Havay?

English:: How was the journey yesterday? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaali Yatra Kaisan Rahis?
English:: Which way did you come? ::Bhojpuri:: Koun Rastase Aaaye Hav?

English:: Which is your favourite colour? ::Bhojpuri:: Toomar Pasand Key Rang Koun Havay?
English:: In which room did you sleep? ::Bhojpuri:: Aaapman Koun Kamara Maa Soye Raho?
English:: Which story did you tell? ::Bhojpuri:: Aaapman Koun Goth Bataaya?
English:: Which is the sweetest fruit? ::Bhojpuri:: Sabse Jyada Meeth Fal Koun Fal Havay?
English:: Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? ::Bhojpuri:: Hindi Maa Sabase Bdhiya Koun Paper Havay?
English:: Which state has the largest population? ::Bhojpuri:: Koun Pradesh Jan Sankhya Maa Bade Havay?
English:: Where did you come from? ::Bhojpuri:: Aaapaman Kahasey Awat Hav?
English:: Where did you sleep? ::Bhojpuri:: Tooman Kahan Sowat Raha?

English:: Where is the manager’s cabin? ::Bhojpuri:: Manager key kamaraa kahan havay?
English:: Where should I go? ::Bhojpuri:: Mey Kahan Jaoo?
English:: Whom should I meet? ::Bhojpuri:: Mai Koun Laa Miloo?
English:: Is it a good book? ::Bhojpuri:: Ye Ek Achcha Pustak hey?

English:: Is it the answer? ::Bhojpuri:: Ye hi uttar havay?
English:: It is the answer ::Bhojpuri:: Yhi Sahi Uttar Hai.
English:: Will you come with me? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaa Aapman mor sath abbey?

English:: I shall come with you. ::Bhojpuri:: Mey Tohaar Saath Abey.

English:: Will you give me your pen? ::Bhojpuri:: Aapman/ Tuman Tohar Pen Dehu?
English:: Will anybody give me a pen to write? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaa Koi Mola Likhebar Ek Pen Dehi?
English:: Can you give me something to drink? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaa Aapman mola koyi chij piye bar dehi?
English:: Can you write the exam? ::Bhojpuri:: Parikshama tooman likh sakh?
English:: Can you lift this box? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaa tooman ye baksa ootha sakahoo?
English:: Did you have your lunch? ::Bhojpuri:: Kaa tooman apan bhojan kar liha?
English:: How are you? ::Bhojpuri:: Aapman Kaise Havaa?
English:: I’m fine. :: Bhojpuri: Me Achcha hav.
English:: You come to my room after the exam. ::Bhojpuri:: Tuman/ Aapman Pariksha Baad Mor Kamara Maa Aaahoo.
Coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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